Hey Champions,

Did someone call the APA? BRAND-NEW Faarooq “Acolytes Protection Agency” has arrived for duty!

  • WIN Faarooq “Acolytes Protection Agency” at 2-Star Bronze in grab bags or higher in Leaderboards!

  • Earn up to 5-Star GOLD Tokens and take your Superstars to the next level!

  • Play the Limited-Time Tours and earn points towards the contest!

  • Use various Contest Superstars in Tours and Faction Feud to earn EXTRA points!

  • Get Faarooq “Acolytes Protection Agency” at up to 4-Star GOLD in LOOT, along with other rare Superstars!

5-Star Bronze Previews/Guides for Faarooq “Acolytes Protection Agency” can be found (soon) on our YouTube Playlist! Content made by the Community for the Community!

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The Faarooq “Acolytes Protection Agency” Debut contest begins on 7/17 at noon PST and ends on 7/20 at noon PST!

Solo Contest

Complete Tasks, play Feud and Limited Time Tours, and use Contest Superstars to make points towards the contest!

Increase Talent of any Striker109,000
Spend 1 Faarooq “Acolytes Protection Agency” Loot Coin600
Max milestone1,000,000
Contest SuperstarsLocationTotal Points
Nation of DominationChapter 1, Normal20,000
Nation of DominationChapter 1, Hard32,000
Nation of DominationChapter 1, Hell60,000
Faarooq “The Nation Leader”Feud (4 attempts)60,000
Mark Henry “The World’s Strongest Man”Chapter 2, Normal12,000
Mark Henry “The World’s Strongest Man”Chapter 2, Hard16,000
Mark Henry “The World’s Strongest Man”Chapter 2, Hell40,000
Killian DainChapter 3, Normal28,000
Killian DainChapter 3, Hard40,000
Killian DainFeud (4 attempts)12,000
Luke Gallows “The Club”Chapter 3, Hell80,000
Luke Gallows “The Club”Feud (4 attempts)84,000
Steve Austin “The Texas Rattlesnake”Chapter 4, Normal40,000
Steve Austin “The Texas Rattlesnake”Chapter 4, Hard60,000
The Godfather “All Aboard”Chapter 4, Hell160,000


14-Star GOLD Vince McMahon “The Chairman”
1-15Faarooq “Acolytes Protection Agency” Shard Bag
100-300Faarooq “Acolytes Protection Agency” Shards
15-Star Gold Token
15-Star Silver Token
24-Star Gold Token
1-34-Star Silver Token
1-33-Star Gold Token
2-93-Star Silver Token

Leaderboard rewards

1Up to 4-Star Silver Faarooq “Acolytes Protection Agency”
50-200Faarooq “Acolytes Protection Agency” shards
1Up to 5-Star Gold Token

Limited-Time Tours

Earn contest points in these Limited-Time Tours, alongside valuable resources for your Roster!

ToursSide Node Requirements
Any Powerhouse
Any Modern Era
Any Showboat
Contest Superstars will bring you more points towards the Faarooq “Acolytes Protection Agency” Debut contest!


168,000Contest Points
22-Star Silver Token
22-Star GoldToken
33-Star Silver Token
23-Star Gold Token
14-Star Silver Token
30Health Packs
1,300Blitz Tickets
9,000Headliner Chips


Get a chance to win BRAND-NEW Faarooq “Acolytes Protection Agency” at 4-Star GOLD, alongside RARE Superstars which will help you to make extra points in the contest!