Hey Champions,

Join our monthlong SummerSlam Party and count down with us WWE’s hottest event of the summer! Moonwalking and showstopping to some sweet chin music!

  • Claim all-new Carmella “The Princess of Staten Island” for FREE in the Contest Overview!

  • Collect shards and unlock BRAND-NEW Shawn Michaels “The Showstopper” at 4-Star Gold, or get a chance at his Poster in grab bags!

  • Make progress by earning SummerSlam Party Points in Tours, Blitzes, and other Competitions, and earn amazing rewards in milestones!

  • Use Contest Superstars and fulfill Tasks for EXTRA contest points!

  • Redeem your SummerSlam Party Prize Wall Coins on the Prize Wall OR in the Contest Essentials LOOT!

5-Star Bronze Previews/Guides for new Superstars can be found (soon) on our YouTube Playlist! Content made by the Community for the Community!

Please note: Screenshots taken from a test environment. Text, numbers, and dates are subject to change!


SummerSlam party7/27 at 11:30 am PST
Kick-off Talent Up7/27 at 11:30 am PST
Kick-Off Blitz7/27 at noon PST
Loot, Perks and Tours7/27 at noon PST

Talent Up

Claim brand-new Carmella “The Princess of Staten Island” at 1-Star Bronze for FREE in the contest overview!

Increase your Roster talent to win great rewards, including a unique LEGENDARY strap for Carmella “The Princess of Staten Island” and shards for Shawn Michaels “The Showstopper”!

Tasks (for League 14+)Points
Increase Roster Talent by 1100
Increase Carmella “The Princess of Staten Island” Talent by 1400
Evolve, enhance or fuse a Superstar with 2-Stars30,000
Evolve, enhance or fuse a Superstar with 3-Stars250,000
Enhance or fuse a Superstar with 4-Stars800,000
Spend a 4-Star Silver Token120,000
Spend a 4-Star Gold Token280,000
Spend a 2-Star Silver Token4000
Spend a 3-Star Silver Token24,000
Spend a Coin (max 3,000,000)100
Top milestone325,000,000

League 7-9, 10-13, 14+ each will see different Talent Up point methods/milestone points!


League 14+ Rewards

24-10,086SummerSlam Party Contest Points
1Legendary Carmella “The Princess of Staten Island” Strap
1-4Epic Random Class Strap
15-Star Silver Token
10-100Carmella “The Princess of Staten Island” Evo Tokens
5-150Shawn Michaels “The Showstopper” shards
4-1,622SummerSlam Party Universal Turnbuckles

Leaderboard rewards:

1Up to a 4-Star Silver Becky Lynch “The Man”
1-8Random Tier 4 Medals
1Legendary Reality Era Strap for Women’s Division
1Epic Reality Era Strap for Women’s Division

Solo Contest

Earn contest points directly in Tours, Blitzes, and Competitions. Use Contest Superstars in certain matches for EXTRA points!

Complete the following SummerSlam Party tasks for additional points:

Increase the talent of Carmella “The Princess of Staten Island” by 12
Spend a SummerSlam Party Universal Turnbuckle1
New Tasks will be unlocked throughout the contest and new competitions, so come back daily to check them out!
Contest Superstars
Carmella “The Princess of Staten Island”
Any Seth Rollins
Bella Twins
Triple H “DX”
Bray Wyatt “The New Face of Fear”
Lex Luger “American Original”
Mankind “The Deranged”
Any Fashion Police
Chyna “Ninth Wonder of the World”
Drew McIntyre “The Sinister Scotsman”
Aleister Black “Root of All Evil”
Undertaker “The Last Outlaw”
Asuka “The Empress of Tomorrow”
Sting “The Stinger”
Randy Savage “Macho Man”
Hulk Hogan “Hollywood Hogan”
Eddie Guerrero “Viva La Raza”
The Godfather “All Aboard”
Roddy “Rowdy” Piper
Randy Savage “nWo”
Come back every day to check where you can make EXTRA points with these contest Superstars! New Competitions can unlock new Tasks!


Collect tons of resources in milestone rewards, along with SummerSlam Party Prize Wall Coins which you can redeem on the Prize Wall or the SummerSlam Party Contest Essentials Loot! (more info on this below in this post)

1-7SummerSlam Party Top League Bag
1-6SummerSlam Party High League Bag
1-7SummerSlam Party Mid League Bag
40-11,190SummerSlam Party Prize Wall Coins
10-7,280SummerSlam Party Universal Turnbuckles
10-240SummerSlam Party Tour Turnbuckles
10-8,950SummerSlam Party Faction Feud Turnbuckles
1-8Random Epic Straps

League Bonus Rewards:

1Legendary Attitude Era Random Class Strap
1SummerSlam Party Plate
1-45-Star Gold Token
14-Star Bronze Mankind “The Deranged”
League Bonuses depend on the League you are in. Lower League Bonuses won’t be available for higher Leagues, they have their own League Bonuses.

Leaderboard rewards

1-65-Star Gold Token
1SummerSlam Party Top League Bag
250-5000Blitz Tickets

Carmella “The Princess of Staten Island” Evolution Tokens How-To

  • You will find very valuable Carmella “The Princess of Staten Island” Evolution Tokens in various places throughout the contest including tours, coin & evolution contests, TP contests, and MORE!
  • Those can be used to evolve and enhance Carmella “The Princess of Staten Island” during this monthly contest.
  • If you want to be ahead of everyone you can always purchase more Evolution Tokens in the Shop!
  • Here is an Evolution Chart so you know how many Tokens are needed:
Evo To:Token Cost
Get Carmella “The Princess of Staten Island” at 4-Star Gold in Loot and use ALL your Evo Tokens to evolve her to 5-Star Bronze!Token Cost

Her Evolution System will change back to normal after the contest is over, which means normal Tokens will be required again.

Faction Competition

Collect SummerSlam Party Points in Milestones by playing Tours and Blitzes!

Spend 1 SummerSlam Party Strap Loot Coin (max 500,000)1
Max Milestone2,540,599
Contest SuperstarsLocationPoints
Brock Lesnar “The Next Big Thing”Chap 1 Node 12 (Hell)1,000
Ember Moon “The Shenom”Chap 2 Node 12 (Hell)1,000
Shawn Michaels “D-Generation X”Chap 3 (VIP) Node 12 (Hell)1,000
Seth Rollins “The Undisputed Future”Chap 4 Node 12 (Hell)1,000
Razor Ramon “The Bad Guy”Chap 5 Node 12 (Hell)1,000
The Godfather “All Aboard”Chap 6 Node 12 (Hell)1,000
Ricochet “The One And Only”Chap 7 Node 12 (Hell)1,000
Kurt Angle “Intensity, Integrity, Intelligence”Chap 8 Node 12 (Hell)1,000
Rey Mysterio “Master of the 619”Chap 9 Node 12 (Hell)1,000
Big Show “nWo”Chap 10 Node 12 (Hell)1,000
“The Immortal” Hulk HoganChap 11 Node 12 (Hell)1,000
If some of your Faction Members own Contest Superstars, your Faction will benefit from those Extra Points.


25-46,275SummerSlam Party Points
1-400Shawn Michaels “The Showstopper” shards
1Legendary Legend Showboat Strap with random Bonus
4Tier 4 Medals (Slot 1-4)
1Epic Attitude Trickster Strap with random Bonus
1Epic New Gen Powerhouse Strap with random Bonus
1-501Carmella “The Princess of Staten Island” Evo Tokens
35-7300SummerSlam Party Universal Turnbuckles

Limited-Time Tours

Play the Limited-Time Tours for SummerSlam Party Points and Faction Competition Points!

SummerSlam Party ToursStart
Women’s Division7/29
Any VIP8/2
Reality Era8/3
New Gen8/5
Attitude Era8/10
Modern Era8/12
Ruthless Aggression8/17
Legends Era8/26


SummerSlam Party Points
Faction Competition Points
SummerSlam Party Strap Loot Coins
Carmella “The Princess of Staten Island” Evo Tokens
SummerSlam Party Blitz Turnbuckles
SummerSlam Party Showdown Turnbuckles
Shawn Michaels “The Showstopper” shards
Health Packs
Blitz Tickets
Up to Tier 4 Medals

The Carmella’s Daily Tours with ONLY 1 node will give you 200 Faction Competition Points, up to 167 SummerSlam Party Prize Wall Coins, and shards for Shawn Michaels “The Showstopper”!

Don’t miss out and play it DAILY!

Prize Wall

Redeem your SummerSlam Party Prize Wall Coins for valuable rewards, including shard bags for Contest Superstars and shards for all-new Shawn Michaels “The Showstopper”.


Redeem your SummerSlam Party Prize Wall Coins in the SummerSlam Party Essentials Loot for a Chance at Carmella “The Princess of Staten Island” at 4-Star GOLD and many more Superstars!

Redeem your SummerSlam Party Strap Loot Coins for a chance to win Legendary Straps, including Stun Immunity Straps, Tier 4 Epic Medals, and Strap Parts and Medals Bits to Level them up!

The SummerSlam Party Kick-Off Loot gives you also a chance at Carmella “The Princess of Staten Island” at 4-Star GOLD along with many other Superstars, including Contest Superstars!