Hey Champions,

Our SummerSlam Party gets glamourous! BRAND-NEW Beth Phoenix “The Glamazon” teams up with Bayley “The Huggable One” for some Women’s Division action!

  • Unlock BRAND-NEW Beth Phoenix “The Glamazon” at 3-Star Gold with shards in Phoenix Rising bags or get her at 4-Star GOLD for your whole Faction by completing Tasks and using Contest Superstars in Tours and Feud!

  • Contest Superstars come with incredible Bonus Effects which count in ALL game modes!

  • Collecting Bayley shards in Tour, Faction Lockboxes, grab bags, and Loot to make points towards the Solo Contest!

  • Be fast and complete the SOLO contest before others for a guaranteed Beth & Bayley Vault coin! Redeem it in the GLOBAL Vault for up to 6x random 5-Star Gold Tokens!!!

5-Star Bronze Previews/Guides for Beth Phoenix “The Glamazon” can be found (soon) on our YouTube Playlist! Content made by the Community for the Community!

Please note: Screenshots taken from a test environment. Text, numbers, and dates are subject to change!


The Beth & Bayley contest begins on Friday 7/31 at noon PST and lasts until 8/3 at noon PST.

The relevant Faction Feud will start on Saturday 8/1 at 4 pm PST and ends on Sunday 8/2 at noon PST.

2 special Faction Lockboxes will be available throughout the contest! Unlock their highest tier for the MAX amount of rewards!

LockboxStart timeCollect your rewards until
17/30 at 4 pm PST (lasts 24 hours)8/1 at 4 pm PST
28/1 4 pm PST8/3 8 am PST
Please note: The first one starts already on 7/30!

Faction Competition

Play the Limited-Time Tours and compete in Faction Feud with Contest Superstars to earn points towards the Faction Competition.

Increase the talent of Beth Phoenix “The Glamazon” by 1115,000
Max Milestones6,017,999

ALL Contest Superstars come with a LIMITED-TIME Bonus which applies in ALL game modes!

The Bonuses last from 7/30 at 4 pm PST until 8/3 at noon PST.

Contest SuperstarsBoostsPoints Per Feud Battle
Trish Stratus “Stratusfaction”+10 all starting mp200
Bayley “The Huggable One”+20% color turn gem dmg200
Beth Phoenix “The Glamazon”+50% all gem dmg200
Kairi Sane “Pirate Princess”+200% bleed dmg200
Ember Moon “Shenom”+25% all gem dmg200
Any Lita+2x mult strength200
Chyna “Ninth Wonder of the World”+200% blast gem dmg200
Carmella “The Princess of State Island”+25% all gem dmg200
Lana “The Ravishing Russian”+25% all gem dmg200
No Contest Superstar
Nia Jax+25% red gem dmg
Alexa Bliss+20% color turn gem dmg
Ronda Rousey+75% increased chance for black gems on starting board

The TOTAL Limit for all Contest Superstars is set to 150 per player, use any of the Contest Superstars 150 times in Feud, or any 3 of them 50 times each, or any 5 of them 30 times each, etc. No need to constantly check back and forth to see limits for each Superstar!


1Aftershock Skill Plate
14-Star Gold Beth Phoenix “The Glamazon”
1-2Phoenix Rising Bag
15-Star Gold Token
1Legendary Modern Acrobat Strap with +20% All Gem Dmg Boost (Women’s Division)
1-13Random Tier 4 Medals
2-10Bay Bag
5-205-Star Silver Token
44-Star Gold Token
54-Star Silver Token
3-74-Star Gold Token
62-Star Gold
10,000-60,000SummerSlam Party Points

Leaderboard rewards


Solo Contest

Obtain shards for Bayley “The Huggable One” in Tour, Faction Lockbox, Bay Bags, Hero’s Bags, and Loot!

There will be 2 special Faction Lockboxes available during the contest. Make sure to unlock them all for the MAX amount of Bayley shards!

Collect 1 Bayley “The Huggable One” shard120
Max Milestone239,999


TOP Milestone reward is a Beth and Bayley Vault Coin which you should redeem as fast as you can in the GLOBAL Vault before the higher quantities are gone!

Get up to 6x random 5-Star Gold Tokens with one Pull!

The Global Vault has 4 Levels to unlock! Once a Vault Level has been cleared it will level up! The Global Vault closes once all Levels are cleared!

165-Star Gold Tokens30
235-Star Gold Tokens48
325-Star Gold Tokens108
415-Star Gold Tokens2400
1Beth & Bayley Vault Coin
1-10Phoenix Rising Bag
400Beth Phoenix “The Glamazon” shards
1-7Trish, Strike, Pin, Done Bag
1Legendary Ruthless Aggression Powerhouse Strap with 25% Extra Turn Bonus (Women’s Division)
1Epic Ruthless Aggression Powerhouse Strap (Women’s Division)
1-10Epic Random Strap
1-12Random Tier 4 Medal
15-Star Gold Token

Leaderboard rewards

2,000-100,000Beth & Bayley Faction Competition Points

Limited-Time Tours

Play with your Women’s Division Superstars in this Limited-Time Tour and earn precious Faction Competition points alongside Bay Bags with Bayley Shards to make progress in the contest!

Contest Superstars will get you ADDITIONAL rewards!

Beth & Bayley TourRequired SuperstarsContest SuperstarsRewards
Normal ModeAcrobatAlexa BlissUp to 7 Bay Bags

Up to 800 Beth & Bayley Faction Competition
Hard ModeTricksterCarmellaUp to 16 Bay Bags

Up to 2600 Beth & Bayley Faction Competition
Hell ModeTrickster
Any BellaUp to 22 Bay Bags

Up to 15,400 Beth & Bayley Faction Competition

Special Offers

Win ALL-NEW Beth Phoenix at 4-Star Gold, plus up to 1000 Bayley shards, The Bella Twins, Ember Moon, and many more!

Spend 29,999 Coins in the Shop for a Hero’s Bag (Stock: 150) to earn more Faction Competition Points! The Hero’s Bag also has a chance at shards for Bayley “The Huggable One” and Beth Phoenix “The Glamazon”!

Earn Coins anywhere in the game, get this Bag, and help your Faction out! Become a true HERO!