Update: 8/12/20

We added 2 new Trainer abilities:

Mr. McMahon 15K Trainer 👉 +2 Purple MP
Irwin R. Scheyster 9K Trainer 👉 +1 Loot Gem (up to 5)

The Make it Rain Medal Sets look as follows:

  • Make it Rain I Medal Set: +400 Loot Gem damage
  • Make it Rain II Medal Set: +800 Loot Gem damage
  • Make it Rain III Medal Set: +1600 Loot Gem damage

Hey Champions,

ALL ABOARD, The Godfather is about to go CHOO CHOO! This is your chance to unlock him and his full potential with essential Trainers and items!

  • UNLOCK The Godfather “All Aboard” at 3-Star Gold by collecting enough shards in milestones and grab bags!

  • Participate in Faction Feud with Contest Superstars to earn points and win The Godfather at 4-Star Bronze for the whole Faction!

  • Play the Limited-Time Tour to obtain more points and more All Aboard shard bags!

  • Win a Legendary Godfather Gem Defense Strap, Make it Rain Medal Sets, and a Godfather’s Mojo Skill Plate to run over your opponents!

Please note: Screenshots taken from a test environment. Text, numbers, and dates are subject to change!


The Godfather contest begins on Wednesday 8/12 at noon PST and lasts until 8/16 at 4 pm PST.

The relevant Faction Feud will start on Saturday 8/15 at 4 pm PST and ends on Sunday 8/16 at noon PST.

Solo Contest

Obtain shards for Godfather “All Aboard” in milestones, Limited-Time Tour and Loot!

Win even more Godfather Essentials such as Trainer, Strap, Medals, and Skill Plate in milestones to unlock his true potential!!

Increase the talent of any Showboat by 1 20
Spend 1 Godfather “All Aboard” Loot Coin750
Spend 1 Godfather “All Aboard” Strap/Medal Loot Coin750
Max Milestone1,000,000

Earn points when winning with these Superstars in certain matches or by completing other Superstar-related Tasks.

Contest SuperstarsLocationNodeSolo PointsFaction Points
The Godfather “All Aboard”Hell Mode2,5,6,8,10,B240,000
Vince McMahon “The Chairman”Hard Mode5,6,8,10,B2175,000
Irwin R. Schyster “IRS”Normal Mode3,5,1035,000


1The Godfather’s Mojo Skill Plate
1-7Godfather “All Aboard” Gold Shard Bag
1-15Godfather “All Aboard” Bronze Shard Bag
50-100Godfather “All Aboard” shards
14-Star Gold Mr. McMahon “The Chairman”
1-18Godfather “All Aboard” Medal Bag
1Legendary Godfather “All Aboard” Gem Defense Strap
1-4Epic Random Strap

Leaderboard rewards

1Up to 4-Star Gold Godfather “All Aboard”
50-200Gold Godfather “All Aboard” shards
1Up to 5-Star Silver Token
10,000-300,000Godfather Faction Points

Faction Competition

Play the Limited-Time Tours and compete in Faction Feud with Contest Superstars to earn points towards the Faction Competition.

Increase the talent of an Attitude era Superstar by 1115,000
Max Milestones18,000,000

Earn points when winning with these Superstars in certain matches or by completing other Superstar-related Tasks.

Contest SuperstarsPoints Per Feud Battle
The Godfather “All Aboard”550
Vince McMahon “The Chairman”550
Irwin R. Schyster “IRS”550
Ted DiBiase “Million Dollar Man”550

The TOTAL Limit for all Contest Superstars is set to 150 per player, use any of the Contest Superstars 150 times in Feud, or any 3 of them 50 times each, or any 4 of them 30 times each, etc. No need to constantly check back and forth to see limits for each Superstar!


14-Star Bronze The Godfather “All Aboard”
1-25-Star Silver Token
1-34-Star Gold Token
1-54-Star Silver Token
2-63-Star Gold Token
52-Star Gold
1,500-9,000SummerSlam Party Points

Leaderboard rewards


Limited-Time Tours

Play the All Aboard Limited-Time Tour with any Superstar o earn Solo and Faction points alongside Godfather “All Aboard” Bronze shard bags!

Contest Superstars will get you ADDITIONAL rewards!


Special Offers

Win the Godfather “All Aboard” at up to 4-Star GOLD, his essential Trainer Mr. McMahon “The Chairman, and many more RARE Superstars!

Spin the Straps & Medal Loot for a chance at the Legendary Godfather Gem Defense Strap and Godfather’s Make It Rain Medal sets (with increased Loot damage), alongside a Legendary Technician Strap for Ted DiBiase “Million Dollar Man” and much more!