Hey Champions,

Our latest update 0.450 is here!

What’s NEW?

New Strap Bonus

  • Soon, you will be able to acquire Straps with a special Affiliation Bonus which enables you to equip your favorite Trainer/Coaches on multiple unique Superstars at the same time!

New Strap-based Filter

  • To improve your game experience while managing Straps, a new filter for the Roster screen has been added to show which Superstars are equipped with a Strap.

Smoother transactions in Loot and Offers

  • Fewer steps will be required to get missing currencies while in Loot and Offers.

Bug Changelog:

  • In a contest where “Spending Cash” was a point method and the player used Cash to extend the Strap/Medal Inventory, no points counted.
  • An error appeared when a player triggered the effect “Break mod gem” while matching a wildcard.
  • The game got stuck at the transitioning screen if a player tapped on the “Go to Store!” button of a Prop.
  • Some players were not able to complete the 2nd battle in the main Tutorial on low-resolution devices.
  • The counter for Content Superstar attempts in Faction Feud battles did not work under the Contest Superstar tab.
  • The League Hub was shown on other screens after viewing the Straps or Medals details popup in the Inventory window.
  • The Search range for Healthy Factions was too narrow
  • Players could receive double Contest Superstar rewards after completing a Showdown match.
  • The milestone progress bar showed the wrong progress of milestones reached based on the number of skipped chase milestones.
  • Players received inconsistent contest points when playing a Faction and Solo contest with the same point method.
  • Tapping on the Cash or Coin (+) button on the Home screen bar while being in Faction Feud or Gauntlet Blitz Setup screen caused the game to get stuck.
  • The Contests button in the Footer didn’t badge when there are new Contests or when the player has rewards to claim.

Please bear in mind, if an issue is not listed here it will not be included in the update, and therefore will take some more time to be fixed.

The update is available in all major app stores! The roll-out might take a bit longer on some devices, so please come back later and check your store again.