Hey Champions,

Oh Hell Yeah, we did it! Our BRAND-NEW Portal for WWE Champions 2020 went out of BETA and has reached GOLD Status!

It is NOW available for ALL our Champions worldwide!

🔖 https://www.wwechampionsgame.com/


  • Get Limited-Time Exclusives,

  • Superstar Guides,

  • Event Calendar,

  • Statistics about Players & Factions,

  • Contest Leaderboards,

  • TRIVIA Mini-Game (with Rewards and Leaderboard),

  • Avatars and Frames for your Profile,

  • Official Forum,

  • and FREE REWARDS for in-game contests!

Improvements since the Beta:

  • We have made significant improvements to memory usage.
  • You are now able to use the WWE Champions Portal on any screen size
  • We have made improvements to log-in, reducing problems switching between mobile and portal.
  • Global Top 10 Player leaderboard is updated
  • The Portal should feel faster and snappier in terms of load times

Thanks again to all our players who helped to improve the Portal during its Beta Phase. We will keep working on more upcoming features based on your feedback.

Join the Champions Community on our OFFICIAL Forum and let us know your Feedback about the Portal.