Hey Champions,

This is gonna be AWESOME! We are very proud to announce the all-new OFFICIAL Forum for our Champions Community!

A place for EVERYONE to share their passion for the game with fellow Champions and the Community Team.

The Forum is part of our BRAND-NEW WWE Champions Portal, which provides you with EXCLUSIVE content, including FREE Rewards!

🔖 Bookmark both NOW!

On the official Forum, you will be able to

  • discuss the game in all its parts
  • give us constructive Feedback on Contests and Features
  • share or get Tips & Tricks
  • interact with Content Creators and their videos
  • recruit or search for Faction Members
  • get help with technical issues
  • take part in giveaways
  • and more!


To celebrate the launch of the ALL-NEW official WWE Champions Forum, we are giving out INCREDIBLE PRIZES in our Forum Sweepstakes!

Check it out!

  • 1x 4sg Shawn Michaels “DX Army” + 10mil coin
  • 2x 4sb Chyna “DX Army” + 3mil coin
  • 3x 4sb Road Dogg “DX Army” + 1mil coin
  • 4x 3sg Chyna “Ninth Wonder of the World”
  • 5x 3sg Trish Stratus “Stratusfaction”
  • 10x 2sg X-Pac “DX”
  • 25x Charlotte Flair “2nd Nature” shards x1000

You want to take part and win one of the prizes? Join the Forum and follow the instructions there.

All you need to sign-in is an active WWE Champions account linked to your Facebook because your in-game account will also be your Forum account.

Did you know? A connected Facebook account will backup/save your WWE Champions account.

We hope you enjoy this all-new Community experience for WWE Champions. We can’t wait to hear your feedback on it!