Hey Champions,

We heard some of you are close to empty the current DX Vault? Well, we are happy to announce the next extension of it!

We are going to add FOUR additional Tiers with the following prizes:

New DX Vault Rewards:

15-Star Bronze Shawn Michaels “D-Generation X”
15-Star Bronze Triple H “DX”
14-Star Gold Sgt. Slaughter “Sarge”
800Bruno Sammartino “The Italian Strongman” shards
145-Star Gold Token
32Tier 4 Medals
and much more!

These Rewards, respectively new Tiers, will be added on top of the existing DX Vault ones. Existing Tiers remain untouched.

If you are no Member of the Champions Club yet, we highly encourage you to become one, or you miss out on AWESOME Bonuses, exclusive Characters, Limited-Time Tours, Blitzes, and more!

We plan to upgrade the DX Vault by the end of this Week!

Join the Champions Community on our OFFICIAL Forum and let us know your feedback on this update!