Hey Champions,

We are happy to announce Update 0.481for WWE Champions 2020 which puts some new shine on your Titles! 🌟

What’s New?

We optimized the Titles experience by adding NEW Interfaces and Filters to this Feature. This will help you to find the optimal Stats more efficiently and make the most out of your Superstars.

IMPROVED Titles Management

  • Titles now have their own Tab in your Roster Menu.

NEW Interfaces

  • The NEW Titles Interface lets you get the most out of your Inventory.
  • The Improved details and stats overview provides a better way to utilize Titles for your Strategies.
  • You can now see eligible Superstars when equipping a Strap!
  • NEW advanced filtering allows you to quickly browse to relevant Medals based on your customized criteria. Additionally, you can “quick sell” your filter results.
  • A Mass sell function lets you sell all selected Straps or Medals. Just click on the “Sell Button”, tick the items you want to sell, and confirm.

The icon above the strap tells you if you have Superstars eligible for the Strap, so you can quickly see which Straps are worth keeping when doing a mass sell.

Bug Changelog:

  • Legendary belts were displayed with a 3-Star requirement in contest milestones
  • Pressing the “New Opponent” button in Career Showdown led to Opponent Select of Event Showdown.
  • 5-Star Superstar was displayed as 4-Star in the Superstar Preview.
  • Some Contest Tasks linked to the wrong area in the game.
  • The Gem Modified icon still persisted on the screen after being destroyed.
  • After Countdown gems were activated and created a combo, the battle message didn’t disappear.

Please bear in mind, if an issue is not listed here it will not be included in the update, and therefore will take some more time to be fixed.

We plan to roll this update out to all major platforms on December 14th/15th (PT). If you do not see it in your Store, please come back later and try again.

Oh, there is one more thing…The latest Weather Forecast predicts heavy Snowfall for WWE Champions 2020. Rumors say BRAND-NEW Hunter Hearst Helmsley “Connecticut Blueblood” can help you weather those white winter storms. ❄

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