Update 12/14/2020

  • Replaced the Aftershock Skill Plate with Cheap Shot. Aftershock will be included at some later time in the 12 Days Of Christmas events.

Hey Champions,

Only 2 more days until the start of the 12 Days of Christmas contest! 12 Days of joy, excitement, and of course FREE GIFTS for everyone!

No need to sing us a song or tell us a poet to get your hands on these Gifts. All you have to do is:

LOG IN EVERY DAY and CLAIM your DAILY GIFT in your Inbox (League 7+ only) and Shop (all Leagues).

Don’t miss out a day, because with each day the FREE Gift will get better!

You start off with one 12 Days of Christmas Prizewall Medallion on Day 1 and it gets better EVERY DAY! You can get all the following gifts by 12/26.

12“12 Days of Christmas” Prizewall
1Random Token Case
45-Star Silver Token
154-Star Silver Token
124-Star Gold Token
903-Star Silver Token
1053-Star Gold Token
8000Blitz Tickets
2002-Star Silver Token
2202-Star Gold Token
Gifts expire after 24 hours, so make sure to come back every day to claim thhem!

Make sure you are in League 7+ until Monday 12/14 to get the most out of these festive!

🎁 Prizewall (League 7+ only)

Redeem your FREE “12 Days of Christmas” Prizewall Medallions here for the following prizes:

CostsItems (Stock: 1)
123-Star Gold Vader including his Santa Gear
9Cheap Shot Skill Plate
6300 TP
31,000,000 Coins


Your Inbox isn’t the only place where you can find DAILY FREE GIFTS.

Visit the Shop and CLAIM Gobbledy Gooker Christmas Bags with shards and a chance at his 3-Star GOLD Poster!

Well well, the clock is ticking! Come back tomorrow for the final Countdown to the 12 Days of Christmas, with more info on all the AWESOME Rewards that you can win throughout the 2-weeklong celebrations!

⭐ FORUM FEEDBACK GIVEAWAY (starting 12/14)

Join the WWE Champions Community on our OFFICIAL Forum and get a chance at 1 of 12 RARE Chase Superstars released in 2020!

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