Hear ye, hear ye, Time to rub your hands together! 12 Days of Christmas starts tomorrow and you surely want to know what else you can get besides all the DAILY FREE GIFTS throughout the next 2 weeks.

  • Play the DAILY Christmas Contest and Tour to progress in the 12 Days of Christmas!

  • Earn more Gobbledy Gooker Shards, Gears and shards for RARE Superstars, Faction Vault Coins, and much more!

  • Up to a Gold Partridge in Leaderboard and joyful rewards in the Faction Vaults!

Rewards earned on Day 1 will help you on Day 2 and so on.

In case you missed our previous Countdowns:

Quick Overview

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DayDateContestTypeTop Chases
112/14/20A Partridge in a Pear TreeSoloJohn Cena’s Lucky Bag, Gobbledy Gooker Shards
212/15/20Two Turtle DovesSoloStone Cold’s Santa Gear, Mr. T and “Immortal” Hulk Hogan Shards
312/16/20Three French HensSoloAndre the Giant “The Eighth Wonder of the World” shards
412/17/20Four Calling BirdsSoloShawn Michaels “Showstopper” Gear
512/18/20Five Golden RingsFactionSocko’s Lucky Bag, Aleister Black “Root of all Evil” shards
612/19/20Six Geese-a-LayingFactionBig E “The Man-E-Faces of Positivity” Xavier Woods Gear
712/20/20Seven Swans-a-SwimmingSoloBoss Skill Plate, Mankind Santa Gear
812/21/20Eight MaidsSoloBecky Lynch “The Man” Gear, Paige Elf Gear
912/22/20Nine Ladies DancingFactionScott Hall “Outsider” Gear, Kevin Nash “Big Kev” Gear
1012/23/20Ten Lords-a-LeapingSoloRey Mysterio Royal Rumble 2018 Gear, 4-Star Gold Mark Henry
1112/24/20Eleven Pipers PipingFactionVolkoff Gear
1212/25/20Twelve Drummers DrummingFactionAndrade Gear, Mark Henry Gear

On Day 1 you can play the following contest for rewards and 12 Day of Christmas Contest points:

DAY 1 – A Partridge in a Pear Tree (Solo)

Spend a 12 Days of Christmas Loot Coin5,000
Win a Showdown Match with John Cena “Veteran Salute”25,0001
Win a Showdown Match with John Cena “Evil Robot of the Skull King”25,0001
Win a Showdown Match with John Cena “Chain Gang”25,0001
Win a Showdown Match with John Cena “Hustle, Loyalty, Respect”25,0001
Win a Showdown Match with John Cena “Ruthless Aggression”25,0001
Play the 1-node Limited-Time Tour for extra contest points and Gobbledy Gooker shards!
Max Milestone800,000


1John Cena “Hustle, Loyalty, Respect” Santa Gear
1John Cena’s Lucky Bag
1Legendary Stephanie McMahon Strap
7,00012 Days of Christmas Points
1,00012 Days of Christmas Naughty Vault Coin
100Gobbledy Gooker Shards
1Legendary John Cena “Veteran Salute” Strap
1Epic John Cena “Veteran Salute” Strap
2Gobbledy Gooker Bronze Egg Bags

Leaderboard Rewards

1Gold Christmas Partridge (any 4SG)
1Silver Christmas Partridge (any 4SS)
1Bronze Christmas Partridge (any 4SB)
5,00012 Days of Christmas Points
100Health Packs

Solo Contest

Collect a 12 Days of Christmas Point1
Max Milestone250,000


1Escapist Skill Plate
500Gobbledy Gooker Shards
35-Star Gold Token
15-Star Silver Token
124-Star Gold Token
84-Star Silver Token
83-Star Gold Token
102-Star Gold
50Randy Orton “The Apex Predator” shards
100Lacey Evans “The Women’s Right” Evo Tokens
5Gobbledy Gooker Bronze Egg Bag

Leaderboard Rewards

1Up to a 4-Star GOLD “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan
300“The Immortal” Hulk Hogan shards

Faction Contest

Collect a 12 Days of Christmas Point1
Max Milestone25,000,000


1Gobbledy Gooker Gear
200Gobbledy Gooker Shards
25-Star Gold Token
25-Star Silver Token
2Epic Modern Strap
1Legendary Gobbledy Gooker Strap with Extra Turn
1,000What a Year Prize Wall Coin
10,000What a Year Contest Points
100Lacey Evans “The Women’s Right” Evo Tokens
4Gobbledy Gooker Bronze Egg Bag

Leaderboard Rewards

1Up to 3-Star GOLD Gobbledy Gooker
400Gobbledy Gooker shards

Faction Vault

Obtain Naughty Vault Coins in Week 1 and

Nice Vault Coins in Week 2

Redeem them in their dedicated weekly Faction Vault and get EXTRA rewards for ALL Faction members when you LEVEL UP them up!

Week 1 Prizewall Rewards

And in case you missed it:

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