Hey Champions,

With the Holiday Season upon us and FREE GIFTS all around WWE Champions, we have another great announcement to make. 📣

We will add TWO more Royal Rumble Tours, loaded with even MORE rewards, which will bring your Roster to a new LEVEL! 🎁

Upon the release of these Tours, we will lift the Star ceiling to 5-Star Silver, which means you may see stronger opponents in these new Tours.

The already existing four Royal Rumble Tours give you over 60,000,000 Million Coins and 8,000 TP, including TONS of Tokens up to 5-Star Gold.

With the two additional Tours, you can expect a total of the following One-Time Rewards (subject to change):

9NEW 5-Star Diamond Tokens
215-Star Gold Tokens
985-Star Silver Tokens
904-Star Gold Tokens

The first of these new Tours will be added on Tuesday 12/22, the second one sometime early next year.

But there is still more to come for you to get the resources you want, stay tuned for more news this week!

We hope all those rewards fit under your Christmas tree. 🎄