Update 1/25

We plan to launch the Road to Fame GLOBAL Vault this Tuesday, 1/27, at noon PT.

Be fast and redeem your Vault Coins for Hall Fame Superstar Shards, Resources, Skillplates, and 5-Star Bronze Poster of Steve Austin “Hall of Fame”, Eddie Guererro “Hall of Fame”, Lita “Hall of Fame”, and MORE!

Hey Champions,

Happy New Year, everyone! Hop in and enjoy the first ride in 2021 on the Road to Fame! A month-long trip with WWE Hall of Famers and those who will become ones!

  • Get ALL-NEW Roddy Piper “Hall of Fame” for FREE in the Contest Overview!

  • Progress in Tours, Blitzes, and other weekly competitions to win Contest Points alongside great rewards in milestones!

  • Climb up the milestones and get Wendi Richter “Hall of Fame” at 3-Star Bronze OR collect enough shards to UNLOCK her at 4-Star GOLD!

  • DAILY BLITZ: CLAIM your FREE Ticket in the store to earn Road to Fame Keys and Regular Blitz Tickets!

  • REDEEM your Keys in the Road to Fame Briefcase for a 4-Star Gold Roddy Piper “Hall of Fame” and other required Superstars.

  • WEEKLY CONTESTS: Play Solo and with your Faction for Hall of Fame Prizwall Medallions and redeem them for EXTRA Hall of Fame rewards!


5-Star Bronze Previews/Guides for new Superstars can be found (soon) on our YouTube Playlist! Content made by the Community for the Community!

Please note: Screenshots taken from a test environment. Text, numbers, and dates are subject to change!


Road to Fame contest1/5 at 11:30 am PT
Kick-off Talent Up1/5 at 11:30 am PT
Kick-Off Blitz1/5 at noon PT
Loot, Perks, and Tours1/5 at noon PT
Faction Competition1/5 at noon PT

Kick-off Talent Up

Increase your Roster talent to win great rewards, including a unique LEGENDARY strap for Roddy Piper “Hall of Fame” and shards for Wendy Richter “Hall of Fame”!

Tasks (for League 14+)Points
Increase Roster Talent by 120
Increase Roddy Piper “Hall of Fame” Talent by 140
Increase a Hall of Fame Superstar Talent by 140
Evolve, enhance or fuse up a Superstar with 2-Stars67,200
Evolve, enhance or fuse up a Superstar with 3-Stars240,000
Evolve, Enhance or fuse up a Superstar with 4-Stars480,000
Evolve, Enhance or fuse up a Superstar with 5-Stars720,000
Spend a 4-Star Silver Token200,000
Spend a 4-Star Gold Token220,000
Spend a 5-Star Gold Token1,100,000
Spend a 5-Star Silver Token450,000
Spend a 5-Star Diamond Token2,800,000
Spend a 2-Star Silver Token4,000
Spend a 3-Star Silver Token20,000
Spend a 1-Star Hall of Fame Token1,000
Spend a 2-Star Hall of Fame Token6,200
Spend a 3-Star Hall of Fame Token42,000
Spend a 4-Star Hall of Fame Token300,000
Spend a 5-Star Hall of Fame Token900,000
Spend a Coin (max 40,000,000)1
Top milestone65,000,000


4,274Road to Fame Contest Points
1Roddy Piper Legendary Strap with 20% Gem Damage Bonus
15-Star Diamond Token
25-Star Gold Token
15-Star Silver Token
100Roddy Piper “Hall of Fame” Evo Tokens
100Wendy Richter “Hall of Fame” shards
841Road to Fame Feud Turnbuckles
1Rare Random Hall of Fame Strap Men’s Division
1Rare Hall of Fame Trickster Strap Men’s Division
2Epic Random Class Strap Men’s Division
1Epic Hall of Fame Random Class Strap
87,000Headliner Chips

Leaderboard rewards:

1Up to a 4-Star Gold Steve Austin “Hall of Fame”
8Random Tier 4 Medals
1Legendary Hall of Fame Trickster Strap
1Epic Hall of Fame Trickster Strap

Solo Contest

Earn contest points directly in Tours, Blitzes, and Competitions. Use Contest Superstars in certain matches for EXTRA points!

Complete the following Road to Fame tasks for additional points:

Increase the talent of Roddy Piper “Hall of Fame” by 12
Spend a Road to Fame Universal Turnbuckles1
Max Milestone500,000
New Tasks will be unlocked throughout the contest and new competitions, so come back daily to check them out!
Contest SuperstarsMonthlong Bonus
Roddy Piper “Hall of Fame”+20% Gem Damage
Steve Austin “The Texas Rattlesnake”+20% Gem Damage
Bella Twins+20% Gem Damage
Wendi Richter “Rock n’ Wrestling”+20% Gem Damage
Ricky Steamboat “The Dragon”+20% Gem Damage
Randy Savage “Madness”+20% Gem Damage
Any Big Show+20% Gem Damage
Razor Ramon “The Bad Guy”+20% Gem Damage
Hall of Fame Stable+10% HP and Gem Damage (+ 20% Gem Damage)
VIP+20% Gem Damage


Collect tons of resources in milestone rewards, along with Road to Fame Prize Wall Coins which you can redeem on the Road to Fame Prize Wall! (more info on this below in this post)

7Top League Bag
7High League Bag
7Mid League Bag
65-Star Gold Token
105-Star Diamond Token
11,210Road to Fame Prize Wall Coins
7,435Road to Fame Universal Turnbuckles
250Road to Fame Tour Turnbuckles
8,995Road to Fame Faction Feud Turnbuckles
12Random Epic Straps

League Bonus Rewards:

13-Star Bronze Wendi Richter “Hall of Fame”
1Roddy Piper “Hall of Fame” Gold Gear
13-Star Bronze Lex Luger “American Original”
13-Star Bronze Wendi Richter “Rock n’ Wrestling”
League Bonuses depend on the League you are in. Lower League Bonuses won’t be available for higher Leagues, they have their own League Bonuses.

Leaderboard rewards

65-Star Diamond Token
1Top League Bag
5000Blitz Tickets
(Example: League 15+)

Roddy Piper “Hall of Fame” Evolution Tokens How-To

  • You will find very valuable Roddy Piper “Hall of Fame” Evolution Tokens in various places throughout the contest including tours, coin & evolution contests, TP contests, and MORE!
  • Those can be used to evolve and enhance Roddy Piper “Hall of Fame” during this monthly contest.
  • If you want to be ahead, purchase more Evolution Tokens in the Shop!
  • Here is an Evolution Chart so you know how many Tokens are needed:
Evo To:Token Cost
4-Star Gold500
4-Star Silver450
4-Star Bronze425
3-Star Gold350
3-Star Silver275
3-Star Bronze250
2-Star Gold175
2-Star Silver150
2-Star Bronze125
1-Star Gold75
1-Star Silver50

His Evolution System will change back to normal after the contest is over, which means normal Hall of Fame Tokens will be required again.

Faction Competition

Collect Road to Fame Faction Points by playing Tours and Blitzes, and completing additional competition tasks!

Obtain a Road to Fame Key1
Max Milestone65,000,000


64,100Road to Fame Solo Contest Points
295Wendi Richter “Hall of Fame” shards
75-Star Diamond Tokens
1,100Road to Fame Prize Wall Coins
1Road to Fame Skill Plate Safe
35-Star Gold Tokens
1Tier 4 Medals (Slot 1-4)
1Up to Random Epic Hall of Fame Trickster Strap with Bonus
450Roddy Piper “Hall of Fame” Evo Tokens
7,430Road to Fame Universal Turnbuckles
16,305Road to Fame Faction Feud Turnbuckles
and more!

Leaderboard rewards

4000Road to Fame Prize Wall Coins
55-Star Diamond Token
20,000Road to Fame Contest Points

Daily Blitz

CLAIM your FREE Road to Fame Blitz Ticket in the Store EVERY DAY and WIN Road to Fame Keys in the 2-node Blitz!

Roddy Piper “Hall of Fame”Road to Fame Keys,
Blitz Tickets

The higher your Talent the more rewards you can win in this daily Blitz.

Limited-Time Tours

Play the Limited-Time Tours for Road to Fame Tour bags, Road to Fame Contest Points, and MORE!

ChaptersRequirementsHell Side Node
Women’s DivisionAny Women’s DivisionAttitude
Champions ClubVIPVIP Tag
Women’s DivisionAny Women’s DivisionBella Twins
LegendsAny Legend EraAny Ricky Steamboat + Roddy Piper
Open – Men’s Hall of FameAny Men’s DivisionHall of Fame
nWoAny nWoAny Randy Savage + Any Hulk Hogan
OpenAny Razor Ramon + Any Ricky Steamboat
Open – Women’s Hall of FameAny Women’s DivisionHall of Fame
AttitudeAny Attitude EraAttitude + nWo
ShowboatAny ShowboatAny Big Show + Giants Tag Link
Contest Superstars
Steve Austin “The Texas Rattlesnake”
any Wendi Richter
Bella Twins
Triple H “King of Kings”
Shawn Michaels “D-Generation X”
Triple H “DX”
Any Ricky Steamboat
Any Hall of Fame
Any Randy Savage
Any Big Show
Any Razor Ramon
Any Trish Stratus
Randy Savage “nWo”
Randy Savage “Madness”
Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat


Per ChapterRegular Chapter Rewards
22,510Road to Fame Faction Competition Points
30Roddy Piper “Hall of Fame” Evo Token
425Road to Fame Prize Wall Coin
10Road to Fame Tour Bag
2,100Road to Fame Solo Contest Points
1Wendi Richter “Hall of Fame” Shards Bag
500Road to Fame Vault Coins

Road to Fame Prize Wall

Redeem your Road to Fame Prize Wall Coins for valuable rewards, including shards for BRAND-NEW Wendi Richter “Hall of Fame” and up to 5-Star DIAMOND Tokens!

You can also obtain Hall of Fame Prize Wall Medallions in weekly Faction and Solo Contests for AWESOME weekly Hall of Fame rewards, such as Tokens, Straps, shards, and gears for Roddy Piper “Hall of Fame”!


The Road to Fame Kick-Off Loot gives you a chance at Roddy Piper “Hall of Fame” at 4-Star GOLD alongside other RARE Superstar Poster, Shards, and Road to Fame Prize Wall Medallions!

Collect Road to Fame Keys in contests and spend them in the Road to Fame Briefcase for a chance at required Superstars and Vault Coins!

Redeem your Road to Fame Vault Coins in this global Vault for resources and chances at 5-Star Bronze Superstars!

Please note: The Vault is still TBD and will be released sometime during this month. Once it is available you can redeem all your collected Vault coins in it.

Join the WWE Champions Community on our OFFICIAL Forum and let us know your feedback on this contest!