Join our New Years Celebration with Highlights of 2020 and WELCOME 2021 with a (J)BLAST! 🤠🥳

  • He is BACK! Get the NEW and IMPROVED Justin Bradshaw “Hawk” at 4-Star GOLD in New Year JBL Bags and Loot!

  • Make progress by playing the Showdown  Tournament, improving your Roster, and spinning the Loot!

  • Play the Limited-Time Tours for 2021 New Year Blitz Tickets!

  • Earn Loot Coins in the Blitz and redeem in the 2021 New Year Loot.

  • CLAIM FREE contest rewards in the Store and the Community Portal!

5-Star Bronze Previews/Guides for new Superstars can be found (soon) on our YouTube Playlist! Content made by the Community for the Community!

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The New Year, New JBL contest begins on 12/31 at 4 pm PT and ends on 1/4 at noon PT!

The What a Year Showdown Tournament starts on 1/2 at noon PT and ends on 1/3 at 4 pm PT.

Faction Contest

Check the Store and the Community Portal DAILY for FREE Contest Points!
Spend 1 “2021 New Year” Loot Coin22
Spend 1 “New Year JBL” Premium Loot Coin8,000
Increase Your Roster Talent by 130700,000
Increase the Talent of Justin Bradshaw “Hawk”30
Earn 1 Showdown Coins204,500,000
Max Milestone200,000,000


1Bad Attitude Skill Plate
10New Year JBL Bag
25-Star Diamond Token
45-Star Gold Token
1Legendary Trickster Strap
1Epic Trickster Strap
6New Year Bag
55-Star Silver Token
1Random Tier 4 Medal
104-Star Gold Token
144-Star Silver Token
143-Star Gold Token
243-Star Silver Token

Leaderboard rewards

1New Years Eve Bag

Limited-Time Tour

Play these Victory Tour-like Limited-Time Tours with your achievements from this year for New Year Blitz Tickets and Bags!

Required Superstars
John Cena “Veteran Salute” (Normal)
Tommaso Ciampa “Blackheart” (Normal)
John Bradshaw “Hawk” (Normal)
Bret Hart “nWo” (Hard)
Shelton Benjamin (Hard)
Shawn Michaels “Showstopper” (Hell)
Triple H “Evil Skull King” (Hell)
Big Show “nWo” (Hell)
Any Hall of Fame (Hell)
Beth Phoenix “The Glamazon” (Normal)
Rhea Ripley “The Nightmare” (Normal)
Stephanie McMahon “Best For Business” (Hard)
Bayley “The Huggable One” (Hard)
Sasha Banks “The Boss” (Hell)
Lacey Evans “The Women’s Right” (Hell)



This New Year Hell Mode Blitz rewards you with 2021 New Year Loot Coins that you can redeem in the New Year Loot!

CardRequirements (min. 5)Fill Bonus
Top 2JBL
Open (4-Star)
+99 MP (yes, intended!)
MidAny Trickster
Open (5-Star)
1 run = 1000 Tickets


Spin this PREMIUM Loot for a chance at NEW Justin Bradshaw “Hawk” at 4-Star GOLD, alongside Superstars that debuted throughout this ending year!

Earn 2021 new Year Loot Coins in the New Year Blitz and redeem them in this Loot for up to 4-Star Bronze Superstars WITH GEAR and valuable resources!

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