Hey Champions,

We are super excited and proud to announce an ALL-NEW Feud experience, with a whole new approach to competing against other Factions!

To be the man you gotta beat the man…or was it the TITAN?


  • Fight with your TITAN or with other Superstars against your opponent’s TITAN to maximize points in the Titan Feud.

  • Scoring differs from regular Feuds. Winning is a bonus but not the objective! Dealing damage against the Titan even if he’s not defeated will yield massive points. Do as much as you can within the time limit.

  • Use Your TITAN against other Superstars, versus your opponent’s TITAN, use your strongest Superstars to face him or other Superstars.

  • BE CREATIVE! The choice is all yours whom you bring into the battle and to prevail in this ALL-NEW TITAN FEUD!

This is a complete NEW WAY to Feud and we can’t wait to hear your FEEDBACK on it. Please send us your thoughts and ideas on what you like about it and how we could improve this more.


None other than Otis himself will pass you the tasting spoon, as the FIRST EVER FEUD TITAN (Trial)!

TRY OUT Otis “Heavy Machinery” as “TITAN” TRIAL Superstar in this first-ever Titan Feud with an incredible amount of Health and experience a complete NEW WAY TO FEUD.

You will find this BRAND-NEW fully maxed 5-Star Bronze TITAN Trial Superstar directly in your Roster at the start!

We will remove the Otis Titan Trial Superstar from everyone’s account on 3/2 at ~1 am PT.

His removal comes with a ~ 30-minute maintenance. During this time you will not be able to access and play the game. 

Visit wwechampions.com for ALL info on Otis “Heavy Machinery” and other Superstars, including Preview/Gameplay Videos.


The first-ever TITAN FEUD will be in the upcoming Faction Food starting on 2/27 at noon PT and ends on 2/28 at 10 am PT.