Hey Champions,

The ALL-NEW Stipulation Tour COLOR CLASH is now LIVE! Don’t wait for your music, just head straight to the ring and TRY IT OUT!

Focus on certain color gems, score big and win awesome prizes in the shop. The shop will have more SUPER EXCITING items added in the near future!

You can find more info on Stipulation Tours in our previous Blog post. CLICK HERE

Stipulation Tour Enforcers in March

Please read 👉 HERE if you missed our Stipulation Tours Announcement for more info on Enforcers and their purpose.

Every month you will get the chance to use selected Superstars as Enforcers in Stipulation Tour Matches. The higher their Talent the bigger their boost.

Since any Superstar can become an Enforcer, we want to help you keeping track of your next projects for the Stipulation Tours. Thus, we will provide you a list of Superstars that can be used as Enforcers for the respective month (in this case for March).

Besides the basic class requirements, you can increase your points by fulfilling advanced requirements, which are more specific Superstars.

Advanced Requirements
Nia Jax “The Irresistible Force”
Carmella “The Princess of Staten Island”
Christian “The Brood”
The Rock “The People’s Champ”
Undertaker “The Last Outlaw”
Ted Dibiase “Million Dollar Man”
Paige “The Raven-Haired Renegade”
Roman Reigns “The Juggernaut”
Rick Rude “Ravishing”
Triple H “The Game”
Becky Lynch “Irish Lass Kicker”
Big Boss Man “Hard Times”
Kane “The Devil’s Favorite Demon”
Kofi Kingston “The New Day”
Randy Savage “Madness”
Sami Zayn “The Underdog From The Underground”
Stephanie McMahon “Best for Business”
John Cena “Hustle, Loyalty, Respect”
Bret Hart “nWo 2000”
Pete Dunne “The Bruiserweight”

Every month you will find an updated list on our Forum 👉 HERE.

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