Hey Champions,

Choo-Choo, get on board with the debut of BRAND-NEW The Godfather “Hall of Fame” in WWE Champions 2021!

  • Play the DAILY Mayhem Rounds and daily Tours and earn shards for BRAND-NEW The Godfather “Hall of Fame” to UNLOCK him at 4-Star Bronze!

  • Additional shards can be obtained in the Faction Feud Solo Contest!

  • WIN 5-Star Bronze The Godfather “Hall of Fame” in his BRAND-NEW Hall of Fame Debut Loot! Collect his Gold Gear with every 5-Star or 4-Star poster, and his Silver Gear with every 3-Star poster!

Previews/Guides for new Superstars can be found (soon) on our YouTube Playlist and the Superstar’s Guide Page on wwechampions.com! Content made by the Community for the Community!

Please note:
Earlier this week Godfather “Hall of Fame” was accidentally deployed with a duplicate Coachability (Blue Move damage, same as Otis). We plan to change him to Purple Destroy Coach instead.

Million Dollar Mayhem is a 14 days long contest, which comes with DAILY Rounds (Contests), Tours, and weekly Blitzes.

Find all necessary info about the whole 14-day long contest in our Blog Post 👉 HERE.

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Enter a new Round EVERY DAY and play for Million Dollar Mayhem Contest Points and awesome rewards.

RoundDateTalent UpType
123/12/21The Godfather “Hall of Fame” DebutFaction
The Million Dollar Mayhem ends on 3/15 at 11 am PT!

The relevant Million Dollar Mayhem Faction Feud starts on 3/13 at 4 pm PT and ends on 3/14 at noon PT.

The Godfather “Hall of Fame” Debut

TasksPointsLimit (Faction shared)
Spend 1 The Godfather “Hall of Fame” Loot Coin in the first 4 Hours400
Spend 1 The Godfather “Hall of Fame” Loot Coin200
Spend 1 Million Dollar Mayhem Loot Coin200
Talent up any Godfather11,000,000
Spend 1 Red 5-Star Diamond Token1,000100
Spend 1 Red 5-Star Gold Token500100
Spend 1 Red 5-Star Silver Token350100
Spend 1 Red 4-Star Gold Token300100
Spend 1 Red 4-Star Silver Token250100
Spend 1 Red 3-Star Gold Token200100
Spend 1 Red 3-Star Silver Token150100
Win a Showdown Match with The Godfather “Hall of Fame”750100
Win a Showdown Match with The Godfather “All Aboard”500100
Win a Showdown Match with Papa Shango “The Voodoo King”250100
Win a Showdown Match with Irwin R. Schyster “I.R.S”250100
Max Milestone2,750,000
Contest SuperstarPointsLimit
Beat the Round 12 Normal Tour w/ The Godfather “All Aboard”250100
Beat the Round 6 Hard Tour w/ Papa Shango “The Voodoo King”250100
Beat the Round 6 Hell Tour w/ Irwin R. Schyster “I.R.S”250100

Daily Leaderboard Rewards contain shards and posters required for the next Round.


1NEW Yellow MP Skill Plate
1Godfather’s Mojo Skill Plate
100The Godfather “Hall of Fame” Shards
20The Godfather “Hall of Fame” Shards Bag
15Ted DiBiase “Hall of Fame” shards
50The Godfather “All Aboard” shards
32,000Million Dollar Mayhem Points
4,000Million Dollar Mayhem Week 2 Vault Coins
2Mayhem Bags
1Legendary Godfather/Papa Shango Strap
2Epic Godfather/Papa Shango Strap
13-Star Bronze The Godfather “All Aboard”

Leaderboard Rewards

100Fandango “Deputy Dango” shards
5,000Million Dollar Mayhem Points

Faction Feud SOLO Contest

Increase Talent of any Hall of Fame75
Spend 1 Godfather “Hall of Fame” Loot Coin20,000
Spend 1 MDM Loot Coin20,000
Win any Feud Battle15,000
Complete a Feud Brawl35,000
Increase Warscore22,000,000
Max Milestone10,999,999


2The Godfather “Hall of Fame” Shards Bag
100The Godfather “Hall of Fame” shards
50Ted DiBiase “Hall of Fame” shards
1Mayhem Bag
45-Star Diamond Tokens
15-Star Gold Tokens
15-Star Silver Tokens
5,000Million Dollar Mayhem Points
and much more!

Leaderboard Rewards

1Up to 4-Star Gold The Fiend “Let Me in”
100The Fiend “Let Me in” shards
85-Star Gold Token


Get a chance at The Godfather “Hall of Fame” at 5-Star Bronze INCLUDING his BRAND-NEW GOLD Gear for every 5-Star and 4-Star poster of him, alongside his shards, and other TOP Superstars such as the Randy Savage “Master of Macho Madness”, 1-2-3 Kid “The Underdog Hero”, and many more!

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