Hey Champions,

Hot on the heels of his 5-Star Trial, “The Scottish Warrior” Drew McIntyre is ready for his debut in WWE Champions 2021, accompanied by a NEW GLOBAL Community Event on wwechampions.com!

  • Work with your Faction to UNLOCK BRAND-NEW Drew McIntyre “The Scottish Warrior” at 4-Star Gold!

  • You got already 300 shards for him in his TRIAL Tour, time to collect more shards in milestones, Limited-Time Tours, and the GLOBAL Community Event on wwechampions.com!

  • Get Drew McIntyre “The Scottish Warrior” at 5-Star Bronze in Loot and help your Faction out in the Faction Feud!

  • Acquire the Drew McIntyre Cash Stash for a chance at up to 50 Shards of required Superstars!

ONLY on wwechampions.com

  • Come back DAILY and enjoy FREE REWARDS that will help you in this contest.

5-Star Bronze Previews/Guides for new Superstars can be found on wwechampions.com! Content made by the Community for the Community!

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Drew McIntyre’s Feud Fury3/26 at noon PST3/29 at noon PST
Global Community Event3/26 at noon PST3/29 at noon PST
Faction Feud3/27 at 4pm PST3/28 at noon PST


Work together with our entire WWE Champions community! Collect Drew McIntyre Free Fury Loot Coins in GOLD Loot Boxes to help unlock Drew McIntyre “The Scottish Warrior” for everyone!

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Collect Drew McIntyre Free Fury Loot Coins in GOLD Lootboxes in the Limited-Time Drew McIntyre “The Scottish Warrior” Tour!1
Max Milestone10,000,000
Please note: This event is only available on the Community Portal, which means you fulfill the tasks In-game and CLAIM the rewards on the wwechampions.com. Drew McIntyre “The Scottish Warrior” Tour is available to all players League 7 and above.
You will find the “Events” Tab on the side panel of the Community Portal.

Visit wwechampions.com EVERY DAY to see the overall progress of the Community Event and to claim your unlocked milestones rewards.


Claim unlocked rewards on the Community Portal and receive them in your Inbox.

14-Star Bronze Sting “The Stinger”
300Drew McIntyre “The Scottish Warrior” shards
1Feud Shard Chest

Solo Contest

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Claim Free Contest Points EVERY DAY on wwechampions.com!
Increase the talent of any Technician by 17515,000
Spend 1 Drew McIntyre’s Feud Fury Loot Coin20,000
Win a Feud Battle in Drew McIntyre’s Feud Fury15,000
Complete a Feud Brawl in Drew McIntyre’s Feud Fury35,000
Increase your Faction’s Warscore22,000,000
Max Milestone10,999,999


175Drew McIntyre “The Scottish Warrior” shards
50Shelton Benjamin “The Hurt Business” shards
25-Star Diamond Tokens
1Legendary Drew McIntyre “The Scottish Warrior” Strap
2Epic Modern-Era Straps
5,000WrestleMania Unleashed Solo Points
15-Star Gold Token
25-Star Silver Token
64-Star Silver Token
53-Star Gold Token
and much MORE!

Leaderboard rewards

1Up to a 4-Star GOLD Drew McIntyre “The Scottish Warrior”
100Drew McIntyre “The Scottish Warrior” Shards
75-Star Diamond Tokens

Faction Contest

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Increase the Talent of Drew McIntyre “The Scottish Warrior” by 12060,000
Spend 1 Drew McIntyre “The Scottish Warrior” Loot Coin2,750
Win Feud Battle with Drew McIntyre “The Scottish Warrior”15,000100
Win Feud Battle with Kofi Kingston “Against All Odds”5,000100
Win Feud Battle with Aleister Black “Root of All Evil”5,000100
Win Feud Battle with Tommaso Ciampa “Blackheart”3,000100
Win Feud Battle with Johnny Gargano “Johnny Wrestling”3,000100
Max Milestone12,900,000


1Escapist Artist Skillplate
400Drew McIntyre “The Scottish Warrior” shards
1Drew McIntyre Gold Chest
1Drew McIntyre Silver Chest
1Drew McIntyre Bronze Chest
1Legendary Drew McIntyre “The Scottish Warrior” Strap
5,000Strap Parts
25-Star Diamond Token
15-Star Gold Token
15-Star Silver Token
75MVP “The Hurt Business” shards
100Kofi Kingston “Against All Odds” shards
100Tommaso Ciampa “Blackheart” shards
55Johnny Gargano “Johnny Wrestling” shards

Leaderboard rewards

100Drew McIntyre “The Scottish Warrior” shards

Limited-Time Tour

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Play these Limited-Time Tours for Drew McIntyre “The Scottish Warrior” shards and Contest Points.

ChaptersContest Superstars
Any Drew McIntyreDrew McIntyre “The Scottish Warrior”
Any Kofi KingstonKofi Kingston “Against All Odds”
Any Modern EraTeam DIY
Any TechnicianMVP “The Hurt Business”


330Drew McIntyre “The Scottish Warrior” shards
50,000Drew McIntyre’s Feud Fury Faction Points
3,000WrestleMania Unleashed Solo Points
25-Star Gold Tokens
and many more resources!


Get a chance at BRANDNEW Drew McIntyre “The Scottish Warrior” at 5-Star Bronze, alongside his shards and other TOP Superstars!

Find Drew McIntyre’s Free Fury Loot Coins in the Drew McIntyre “The Scottish Warrior” Tour GOLD Loot Boxes, and use them to win Coins, TP, Medals, Shards, and more, with an UBER RARE chance at 4-Star Gold Posters of Top Superstars, such as Kofi Kingston “Against All Odds, Tommaso Ciampa “Blackheart” and Aleister Black “Root Of All Evil!”

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