Hey Champions,

Today, our #ScopelyContentCreators revealed BRAND-NEW ICONS OF WRESTLEMANIA! Every one of these new Superstars is a Showdown Promoter who can boost your Notoriety in Showdown Matches!

We thank all of them for playing an important role in these reveals, which are part of our BIGGEST UPDATE ever in WWE Champions history. 💙

Check out our previous post to read everything about the ALL-NEW Icons of WrestleMania and their abilities!

Showdown Promoters

Rank up in Showdown Leagues with Showdown Promoters! Boost your Notoriety by up to 60%!

The following 5+1 ICONS OF WRESTLEMANIA are Promoters for Showdown:

Where to find them?


Find shards and Evo Tokens of ALL brand-new Showdown Promoters in the FACTION Shop!

📣 Reveal and Release Schedule

Over the next couple of days and weeks, we will reveal a specific set of new Superstars on different Community Channels.

We will let you know what they do and where to get them FOR FREE! Don’t miss out!

3/22Stipulation TourBlog (done)
3/29ShowdownContent Creators (done)
4/6FeudOfficial Forum

The day after their reveal we will release them in the game for EVERYONE to earn!

Join the WWE Champions Community on our OFFICIAL Forum and let us know your feedback on these Superstars or ask us questions! Be there on April 6th for the Final Reveal of ALL-NEW Feud Promoters!