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He is known to different generations as one of the GREATEST Superstars in WWE history, Son-in-law of the famed High Chief, or the Father of The Rock. The Legend and trailblazer “Soul Man” Rocky Johnson finally debuts in WWE Champions 2021.

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“Soul Man” Spectacular4/30 at 2 pm PST5/3 at noon PST
Web Solo Event at wwechampions.com4/30 at noon PST5/2 at noon PST
“Soul Man” Spectacular Showdown Tournament (M/F)5/1 at noon PST5/2 at 4 pm PST

Showdown Challenge

Play the “Soul Man” Spectacular Showdown Tournament for Contest Points, and BRAND-NEW Rocky Johnson “Soul Man” for the Top 10 Leaderboard Players!

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Obtain 1 Showdown Coin1
Max Milestone30,000


1“Soul Man” Spectacular Gold Bag
2“Soul Man” Spectacular Appreciation Bag
25-Star Diamond Tokens
16,000“Soul Man” Spectacular Faction Points
1,000,000“Soul Man” Spectacular Solo Points
250The Roc’s Legacy Tribute Prize Wall Coins

Top 1000 Leaderboard Rewards:

1Up to a 3-Star Gold Rocky Johnson “Soul Man”
100Rocky Johnson “Soul Man” shards
55-Star Diamond Tokens

Solo Contest

Talent-up any Anoa’i/Maivia Legacy Superstar, Use them in the Tournament, and win over 6,000 TP, 13 Million Coins, and “Soul Man” Spectacular grab bags with a chance at BRAND-NEW Rocky Johnson “Soul Man” at up to 4-Star GOLD!

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Increase the Talent of Any Anoa’i/Maivia Legacy Superstar3507000
Spend 1 “Soul Man” Spectacular Loot Coin2000
Obtain 1 Showdown Coin10
Spend 1 “Soul Man” Spectacular Loot Coin for the 1st time950001
Obtain an Equal Odds Skill Plate Bag1000003
Win a “Soul Man” Spectacular Showdown Match with any Anoa’i/Maivia Legacy Superstar1000055
Max Milestone8,000,000
Showdown Contest SuperstarsPointsLimit
Rocky Johnson “Soul Man”200,0001
Jimmy Uso “The Usos”200,0001
The Rock “The Great One”200,0001
Naomi “Always Shine”200,0001
The Rock “The People’s Champ”35,0003
Rocky Maivia “The Blue Chipper”50,0005
“The Immortal” Hulk Hogan200,0001
Jey Uso “The Usos”15,0005
Sgt. Slaughter “Sarge”20,0005
The Rock “The Most Electrifying Man”200,0001
Jey Uso “I’mma Get ‘Em”30,0005
“Hollywood” Hulk Hogan200,0001
Sasha Banks “The Boss”200,0001
Ken Shamrock “The Worlds Most Dangerous Man”200,0001
Andre the Giant “The Eighth Wonder of the World”200,0001
Mr. T “T”200,0001


1Legendary Rocky Johnson Strap w/ random Bonus
6“Soul Man” Spectacular Gold Bag
5“Soul Man” Spectacular Silver Bag
4“Soul Man” Spectacular Bronze Bag
6,480Black TP
65-Star Diamond Token
125-Star Gold Token
144-Star Gold Token
and many more Tokens, Straps, and Medals!

Top 100 Leaderboard rewards

1Up to a 4-Star Gold Rocky Johnson “Soul Man”
85-Star Diamond Tokens
250The Rock’s Legacy Tribute Prize Wall Coins

Faction Contest

Dominate the Soul Man Spectacular Showdown with your Anoa’i/Maivia Legacy Superstars and climb up the milestone for “Soul Man” grab bags and more!

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TasksPointsFaction Limit
Win a “Soul Man” Spectacular Showdown Match with any Anoa’i/Maivia Legacy Superstar21010,000
Make Progress in this contest by defeating opponents in the “Soul Man” Spectacular Limited-Time Tour!
Max Milestone8,000,000
Anoa’i/Maivia Legacy Stable
Jey Uso “I’MMA GET EM”
Jey Uso “The Usos”
Jimmy Uso “The Usos”
Rikishi “Too Cool”
Roman Reigns “The Juggernaut”
Roman Reigns “Head of the Table”
Roman Reigns “Icons of WrestleMania”
Roman Reigns “NXT”
Roman Reigns “The Shield”
Roman Reigns “This Is My Graveyard”
The Rock “The Great One”
The Rock “The Most Electrifying Man”
Rocky Maivia “The Blue Chipper”
The Rock “The People’s Champ”
The Rock “The Peoples Chomp”
Yokozuna “Banzai”
Naomi “Feel the Glow”
Nia Jax “The Irresistible Force”
Naomi “Always Shine”
Rocky Johnson “Soul Man”


3“Soul Man” Spectacular Gold Bag
2“Soul Man” Spectacular Silver Bag
2“Soul Man” Spectacular Bronze Bag
1“Soul Man” Spectacular Appreciation Bag
75Roman Reigns “The Head of the Table” shards
75Jey Uso “I’mma Get ‘Em” Evo Tokens
5,000The Rock’s Legacy Tribute Faction Points
10,163The Rock’s Legacy Tribute Solo Points
and more

Top 200 Leaderboard rewards

1“Soul Man” Spectacular Gold Bag
1“Soul Man” Spectacular Silver Bag
1“Soul Man” Spectacular Bronze Bag

Limited-Time Tour

Play these Limited-Time Tours for Faction Points and Rocky Johnson “Soul Man” shards!

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ChaptersContest Superstars
Any The RockThe Rock “The Peoples Champ” (Normal)
Rocky Maivia “The Blue Chipper” (Hard)
The Rock “The Most Electrifying Man” (Hell)
Any Fatu FamilyJey Uso “The Usos” (Normal)
Rikishi “Too Cool” (Hard)
Jimmy Uso “The Usos” (Hell)
Any Roman ReignsRoman Reigns “The Juggernaut” (Normal)
Roman Reigns “The Shield” (Hard)
Roman Reigns “NXT” (Hell)
Any Women’s DivisionNaomi “Feel the Glow” (Normal)
Sasha Banks “The Boss” (Hard)
Naomi “Always Shine” (Hell)
1-Node only


48,000“Soul Man” Spectacular Faction Points
228Rocky Johnson “Soul Man” Shards


Get a chance at BRANDNEW Rocky Johnson “Soul Man” at 5-Star Bronze, alongside his son The Rock “The Most Electrifying Man”, and MANY other Anoa’i/Maivia Legacy Superstars and WWE Legends!

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