Hey Champions,

Before we head straight into Summer 2021 (still a few weeks to go) we want to do some more Spring cleaning in WWE Champions 2021.

We thought it might be good to freshen up the Entourage Locker Room once more and who is best suited for this if not him, New Day’s BRAND-NEW Kofi Kingston!

With his powerful Positivity, he is the right Superstar to mix up your Roster. He can support your Superstars with his +4 Yellow MP trainer ability!

He will completely REPLACE the old +4 Yellow MP Trainer, including new Move animations and descriptions. You will find posters and shards for him in contests and Loot. If you owned the old Trainer already (or his shards), you would automatically find ALL-NEW Kofi Kingston “Power of Positivity” in your Roster!

This replacement is planned for this week! Stay Positive! It’s a NEW DAY!