Hey Champions,

We made some significant improvements for the very popular Black Market at wwechampions.com!

First of all, let’s talk about the future Scheduling of the Rubies Black Market. We plan to run these every Saturday to Sunday and there may be additional Limited-Time ones on different days. So, don’t miss out and check wwechampions.com daily!

The next Rubies Black Market will run from 5/8 at noon PST until 5/10 at noon PST.

Based on Community Feedback, the following changes should provide you an even better Rubies Black Market experience:

  • Get one FREE Reroll every 46 Hours!
    • Reroll = 69 Rubies
    • MEGA Reroll = 599 Rubies
    • The Mega Reroll now contains only “very rare and up” items!

MORE Info on the All-NEW Black Market can be found in our previous Blog Post.

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The Black Market is still in BETA, so join the WWE Champions Community on our OFFICIAL Forum and let us know your feedback on it or ask us questions!