Hey Champions,

Grunting, picking noses, and eating raw fish – Afa and Sika, Legendary Tag Team Champions and connaisseurs of their art are going wild in WWE Champions 2021!


  • Get Sika “The Wild Samoans” for FREE right at the contest start!
    • Get shards in various packs In-game and on wwechampions.com and unlock him at 4-Star Bronze!
  • Chase BRAND-NEW Afa “The Wild Samoans” throughout this month-long contest! Earn him at 3-Star Bronze in milestones or unlock him at 4-Star GOLD!
  • Shards and Evo Tokens can be obtained throughout this contest.

ONLY on wwechampions.com

  • Come back DAILY and enjoy FREE REWARDS that will help you in this contest.

5-Star Bronze Previews/Guides for new Superstars can be found on wwechampions.com! Content made by the Community for the Community!

Please note: Screenshots taken from a test environment. Text, numbers, and dates are subject to change!


Wild Ones5/31 at 4:30 pm PST
Daily Contest5/31 at 5 pm PST
Kick-off Talent Up5/31 at 4:30 pm PST
Kick-Off Blitz5/31 at 5 pm PST
Loot, Perks, and Tours5/31 at 5 pm PST
Faction Competition5/31 at 5 pm PST
TP Contest5/31 at 5 pm PST

Kick-off Talent Up

Increase your Roster talent to win great rewards, including a unique LEGENDARY Strap for Sika “The Wild Samoans” and shards for Afa “The Wild Samoans” and Erik “Viking Raiders”!

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Tasks (for League 14+)Points
Increase Roster Talent by 120
Increase the Talent of Sika “The Wild Samoans” by 170
Evolve, enhance or fuse up a Superstar with 2-Stars50,400
Evolve, enhance or fuse up a Superstar with 3-Stars180,000
Evolve, Enhance or fuse up a Superstar with 4-Stars360,000
Evolve, Enhance or fuse up a Superstar with 5-Stars540,000
Spend a 4-Star Silver Token144,000
Spend a 4-Star Gold Token201,600
Spend a 5-Star Gold Token808,000
Spend a 5-Star Silver Token576,000
Spend a 5-Star Diamond Token1,280,000
Spend a 2-Star Silver Token2,900
Spend a 3-Star Silver Token28,800
Spend a Coin (max 40,000,000)1
Top milestone58,500,000


7,755Wild Ones Solo Contest Points
1Legendary Sika Strap with 20% Gem Damage Bonus
15-Star Diamond Token
25-Star Gold Token
15-Star Silver Token
100Sika “The Wild Samoans” Evo Tokens
100Afa “The Wild Samoans” Shards
841Wild Ones Feud Turnbuckles
120Erik “Viking Raiders” shards
1Equal Odds Skill Plate Bag
and much more!

Leaderboard rewards:

1Up to a 4-Star Gold Sgt. Slaughter “Hall of Fame”
8Random Tier 4 Medals
1Legendary Hall of Fame Striker Strap
1Epic Hall of Fame Striker Strap

MAIN Solo Contest

Earn contest points directly in Tours, Blitzes, and Competitions. Use Contest Superstars in certain matches for EXTRA points! Hunt for a Wild Ones Trophy and even more Resources!

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Complete the following Wild Ones tasks for additional points:

Increase the Talent of Sika “The Wild Samoans” by 12
Spend Wild Ones Universal Turnbuckles1
Max Milestone500,000
New Tasks will be unlocked throughout the contest and new competitions, so come back daily to check them out!
Contest SuperstarsMonthlong Boost
Sika “The Wild Samoans”+2 all MP
any Bray Wyatt+10% all gem dmg
any X-Pac+10% all gem dmg
any nWo+10% black gem dmg
any John Cena+20% all gem dmg
Sycho Sid+25% power gem strength
Mankind “Mr. Socko”+30% bleed dmg
any Roman Reigns+10% all gem dmg
The Rock “The Most Electrifying Man”+20% yellow gem dmg
Volkoff+1 multiply gem strength
Any Ultimate Warrior+20% all gem dmg
Any Hulk Hogan+20% all gem dmg
any Trish Stratus+2 all gem generation
any Chyna+2 all gem generation
VIP Stable+10% all gem dmg


Collect resources in milestone rewards, along with Wild Ones Prize Wall Coins which you can redeem on the Wild Ones Prize Wall! (more info on this below in this post)

7Top League Bags
7High League Bags
7Mid League Bags
65-Star Gold Tokens
105-Star Diamond Tokens
11,210Wild Ones Prize Wall Coins
7,460Wild Ones Universal Turnbuckles
250Wild Ones Tour Turnbuckles
8,995Wild Ones Faction Feud Turnbuckles
12Random Epic Straps

League Bonus Rewards:

13-Star Bronze Afa “The Wild Samoans”
1Wild Ones Gold Trophy
1Wild Ones Silver Trophy
1Wild Ones Bronze Trophy
1Honky Tonk’s Blues Skill Plate
1Legendary Sika “The Wild Samoans” Extra Turn Strap
13-Star Bronze “Rowdy” Roddy Piper
13-Star Bronze Faarooq “The Nation Leader”
League Bonuses depend on the League you are in. Lower League Bonuses won’t be available for higher Leagues, they have their own League Bonuses.

Leaderboard rewards

55-Star Diamond Token
1Top League Bag
5000Blitz Tickets
(Example: League 15+)

Sika “The Wild Samoans” Evolution Tokens How-To

  • You will find very valuable Sika “The Wild Samoans” Evolution Tokens in various places throughout the contest including tours, coin & evolution contests, TP contests, and MORE!
  • Those can be used to evolve and enhance Sika “The Wild Samoans” during this monthly contest.
  • If you want to be ahead, purchase more Evolution Tokens in the Shop, but there will be enough for FREE to bring him up to 4-Star Gold in the end if you play all competitions.
  • Here is an Evolution Chart so you know how many Tokens are needed:
Evo To:Token Cost
5-Star Bronze3000
4-Star Gold500
4-Star Silver450
4-Star Bronze425
3-Star Gold350
3-Star Silver275
3-Star Bronze250
2-Star Gold175
2-Star Silver150
2-Star Bronze125
1-Star Gold75
1-Star Silver50
If you get him in Loot consider to bring him up to 5-Star Bronze with all your tokens!

His Evolution System will change back to normal after the contest is over, which means normal Tokens will be required again.

Faction Competition

Collect Wild Ones Faction Points by playing Tours and Blitzes, and completing additional competition tasks!

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TasksPointsLimit (shared)
Increase the Talent of Sika “The Wild Samoans” by 12250,000
Obtain Wild Ones Daily Contest Points60
Max Milestone71,000,000
New Tasks will be unlocked throughout the contest and new competitions.


50,380Wild Ones Solo Contest Points
295Afa “The Wild Samoans” shards
35-Star Diamond Tokens
1,100Wild Ones Prize Wall Coins
1Wild Ones Skill Plate Bag
155-Star Gold Tokens
1Tier 4 Medals (Slots 1-4)
450Sika “The Wild Samoans” Evo Tokens
7,470Wild Ones Universal Turnbuckles
16,305Wild Ones Faction Feud Turnbuckles
and more!

Leaderboard rewards

4,000Wild Ones Prize Wall Coins
55-Star Diamond Tokens
20,000Wild Ones Solo Contest Points

Limited-Time Tours

Play the Limited-Time Tours for Wild Ones Tour Bags, Wild Ones Contest Points, and MORE!

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ChaptersHell Side Node
TricksterAny Trickster+Open
Champions ClubVIP Tag
StrikerAny Striker+Open
HoF – MaleHOF Tag
TechnicianAny Technician+Open
Mix Match – TagMixed Tag
AcrobatAny Acrobat+Open
Women’s Division


Wild Ones Solo Contest Points
Wild Ones Faction Competition Points
Wild Ones Blitz Turnbuckles
Wild Ones Showdown Turnbuckles
Sika “The Wild Samoans” Evo Token
Afa “The Wild Samoans” Shards
Wild Ones Token Bag
Wild Ones Prize Wall Coins
5-Star Diamond Tokens
Wild Ones Tour Bag

Daily Tasks and Contest

Log in EVERY DAY and complete all Daily Tasks in this Contest for the BRAND-NEW Sika “The Wild Samoans” Gear, Afa “The Wild Samoans” shards, Tokens, and MORE! Each day you will get new Tasks, don’t miss out!

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Tasks (for Day 1)PointsLimit
Defeat the Boss in the Wild Ones Daily Gauntlet Blitz251
Defeat the Boss in the Wild Ones Open-Tour (Normal)251
Increase the Talent of Sika “The Wild Samoans”251
Spend a Gauntlet Blitz Ticket251
Max Milestone (Total)2,800
Tasks will change every day, so make sure you completed them before they expire.


1Sika “The Wild Samoans” Gear
15-Star Diamond Tokens
25-Star Gold Tokens
35-Star Silver Tokens
54-Star Gold Tokens
42,500Wild Ones Solo Points
250Sika “The Wild Samoans” Evo Tokens
300Afa “The Wild Samoans” Shards
3Epic Tier 4 Medals

Daily Blitz

CLAIM your FREE Blitz Ticket in the Store EVERY DAY and earn Afa Shards and Sika Evo Tokens in the 2-node Blitz!

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Sika “The Wild Samoans”Afa “The Wild Samoans” Shards
Sika “The Wild Samoans” Evo Tokens
The higher your Talent the more rewards you can win in this Daily Blitz.

Wild Ones Prize Wall

Get more awesome rewards in the Regular Prize Wall, including shards for BRAND-NEW Afa “The Wild Samoans”, an Extra Turn Strap for Afa, Wild Ones Safes, and up to 5-Star DIAMOND Tokens!

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Please note: Screenshots taken from a test environment. Text, numbers, and costs are subject to change!

Also, every week you can redeem your Wild Ones Prize Wall Coins for RARE Superstar Shards on the SHARDMANIA Prize Wall.

Wild Ones Loot

The Wild Ones Kick-Off Loot gives you a chance at Sika “The Wild Samoans” at 5-Star Bronze alongside other RARE Superstar Poster, Shards, and Wild Ones Prize Wall Coins!

⚡ Log in EVERY DAY and enjoy all the daily FLASH SALES! Turning on your Push Notifications for WWE Champions 2021 will help you not miss out on those wild deals!

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The Wild Ones League Shop will be loaded with TONS of Coins and TP!

League Shop Credits will be available on wwechampions.com and In-Game, including FREE Claims! Don’t Miss out and keep an eye on wwechampions.com to claim them when they are available!

Get MORE COINS using League Shop Credits if you’re in League 12+ and MORE TP if you’re in League 9+! The higher your League, the more you get!

Get more Limited-Time EXCLUSIVES on wwechampions.com

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