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Did someone call the Acolytes Protection Agency? They are finally back with Faarooq’s congenial partner! Unlock BRAND-NEW Justin Bradshaw “APA” with shards in Grab Bags, Milestones, and Tours!

Unlock him at 4-Star Silver (1,600 shards)

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Justin Bradshaw “APA” Showdown6/4 at noon PST6/7 at noon PST
Showdown Tournament (M/M)6/5 at noon PST6/6 at 4pm PST
Web Solo Event at wwechampions.com6/4 at noon PST6/6 at noon PST
Boogeyman’s Flash Market at wwechampions.com6/5 at noon PST6/7 at noon PST

Solo Contest

Earn Justin Bradshaw “APA” Shards in Milestone Grab Bags by playing JBL’s Showdown Tournament. Win with selected Showboats and Striker to speed up your progress. Get a chance at more shards for Justin Bradshaw “APA” and Faarooq “APA” in Super Showdown Shard Bags!

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Earn Showdown Coins100
Spend a Justin Bradshaw “APA” Showdown Loot Coin for the first time300,0001
Spend 1 Justin Bradshaw “APA” Showdown Loot Coin10,000
Increase the Talent of any Showboat Superstar by 125
Increase the Talent of any Attitude Era Superstar by 125
Contest SuperstarsPointsLimit
Win in Justin Bradshaw “APA” Showdown with Justin Bradshaw “APA”1,000,0001
Win in Justin Bradshaw “APA” Showdown with any Mankind15,00025
Win in Justin Bradshaw “APA” Showdown with Ken Shamrock25,00015
Win in Justin Bradshaw “APA” Showdown with Scott Hall “nWo”30,00010
Win in Justin Bradshaw “APA” Showdown with Sycho Sid50,00010
Win in Justin Bradshaw “APA” Showdown with Justin Bradshaw “Hawk”75,0005
Win in Justin Bradshaw “APA” Showdown with Otis100,0005
Max Milestone11,000,000


7Justin Bradshaw’s Gold Shard Bags
7Justin Bradshaw’s Silver Shard Bags
8Justin Bradshaw’s Bronze Shard Bags
6Justin Bradshaw’s Super Showdown Shard Bags
1Random Legendary Showboat Strap
75Sika “The Wild Samoans” Evo Tokens
50Bianca Belair “The EST” Shards
15,000Wild Ones Faction Points
6,000Wild Ones Solo Points
44-Star Gold Token
35-Star Gold Token
45-Star Diamond Token

Top 100 Leaderboard rewards

1Up to a 4-Star Gold Justin Bradshaw “APA”
200Justin Bradshaw “APA” shards
55-Star Diamond Tokens
55-Star Gold Tokens

Faction Contest

Collect Justin Bradshaw “APA” shards and play the Showdown Tournament and the Limited-Time Tours with Contest Superstars to win extra Resources and grab bags for your Faction!

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Collect Justin Bradshaw “APA” Shards25
Spend 1 Health Pack5
Collect Showdown Coins11,000,000
Win in JBL’s Showdown with Justin Bradshaw “APA”200,0001
Win in Justin Bradshaw “APA” Showdown with Otis25,00010
Win in Justin Bradshaw “APA” Showdown with Big Show “nWo”20,00010
Win in Justin Bradshaw “APA” Showdown with Stone Cold “Texas Rattlesnake”18,00010
Win in Justin Bradshaw “APA” Showdown with Faarooq “APA”15,00010
Max Milestone3,000,000


2Justin Bradshaw’s Super Showdown Shard Bags
75Afa “The Wild Samoans”
2,752Wild Ones Solo Points
25-Star Diamond Tokens
25-Star Silver Tokens
24-Star Gold Tokens
27Random Tier 4 Medals

Top 100 Leaderboard rewards

35-Star Diamond Tokens
3Random Legendary Strap for Women’s Division
5Random Tier 4 Medals

Limited-Time Tours

Bring your Showboats and Striker to earn points for the Solo and Faction Contest. Win shards and grab bags for Justin Bradshaw “APA” alongside Coins, TP, and Wild Ones Points!

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1Ministry of Darkness TourCorporation Stable
1Showboat TourAny Showboat
3Tag Team TourOpen

Check out the Superstar Guide Page at wwechampions.com to see who is in the Corporation Stable. With the latest update, you can easily filter now by Stables!

Contest SuperstarsModeSolo Points
Mr. McMahon or John Cena “Ruthless Aggression”Normal40,000
Ken Shamrock or Sgt. Slaughter “Sarge”Hard80,000
Mankind “Mr. Socko or The Rock “The Great One”Hell200,000
Ministry of Darkness Tour
Contest SuperstarsModeFaction Points
Stone Cold “Texas Rattlesnake” or Bobby Roode “The Glorious One”Normal4,000
Stone Cold “Texas Rattlesnake” or Ric Flair “Slick Ric”Hard20,000
Ultimate Warrior “MotU” or Big Show “nWo”Hell40,000
Showboat Tour
Contest SuperstarsMode
Any APAAll
Tag Team Tour


70Justin Bradshaw “APA” Shards
2Justin Bradshaw’s Bronze Shard Bags
2,500Wild Ones Solo Points
10,000Wild Ones Faction Points
94-Star Silver Tokens
and more!


Spin the Loot and hire the Acolytes Protection Agency for your needs! Get Justin Bradshaw “APA” and Faarooq “APA” at 5-Star Bronze, alongside their other versions, TOP Showboats, and Striker that will help you greatly in this contest!

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