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Legendary Samoans and their extended family reunite once more to write history in WWE Champions 2021! Get another chance at a poster of The Rock “The Most Electrifying Man” and shards for “Soul Man” Rocky Johnson, alongside electrifying Rewards in the Solo and Faction Contests!

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Samoan Reunion6/16 at noon PST6/18 at noon PST

Solo Contest

Talent up your Superstars and win Showdown matches to progress in this Solo contest. Earn electrifying Rewards including a chance at poster and shards for”Soul Man” Rocky Johnson, Naomi “Always Shine, and a poster of The Rock “The Most Electrifying Man”!

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Spend 1 Samoan Reunion Loot Coin12,000
Spend 1 Samoan Reunion Loot Coin for the first time100,0001
Win a Showdown Match with “Soul Man” Rocky Johnson1,000,0001
Win a Showdown Match with any The Rock15,000
Win a Showdown Match with any Roman Reigns25,00020
Increase the Talent of any Rock30
Increase the Talent of any Striker25
Increase the Talent of any Trickster50
Increase the Talent of any Showboat25
Spend 1 Health Pack20
Max Milestone10,000,000


5,600Wild Ones Solo Contest Points
45Afa “The Wild Samoans” Shards
9The Rock’s Gold Trickster Bag
9Naomi’s Bronze Shard Bag
9Rocky Johnson’s Bronze Shard Bag
15-Star Diamond Token
3Samoan Reunion Chest
35-Star Gold Tokens
94-Star Silver Tokens
and more!

Top 200 Leaderboard rewards

14-Star Bronze The Rock “The Most Electrifying Man”
14-Star Bronze Naomi “Always Shine”
14-Star Bronze “Soul Man” Rocky Johnson
5The Rock’s Gold Trickster Bag
3The Rock’s Silver Trickster Bag
3The Rock’s Bronze Trickster Bag
80Naomi “Always Shine” shards
35“Soul Man” Rocky Johnson shards
25-Star Diamond Token
35-Star Silver Token
34-Star Gold Token
2Samoan Reunion Chest

Faction Contest

Gather your Faction and talent up your Superstars! Collect Shards of Naomi “Always Shine” and “Soul Man” Rocky Johnson to make more progress and earn valuable rewards for you and your Faction members.

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Increase the Talent of any Modern Era Superstar1
Increase the Talent of any Legend Superstar1
Increase the Talent of any Attitude Era Superstar1
Collect Naomi “Always Shine” Shards10
Collect “Soul Man” Rocky Johnson Shards20
Max Milestone4,000,000


55Afa “The Wild Samoans” Shards
1,400Wild Ones Solo Points
15-Star Diamond Token
65-Star Silver Tokens
34-Star Gold Tokens
3Random Legendary Straps
2Random Epic Straps

Top 100 Leaderboard rewards

3Samoan Reunion Chest
35-Star Silver Tokens
54-Star Gold Tokens

Limited-Time Tour

Play these Limited-Time Tours for The Rock’s Trickster Bags, “Soul Man” Rocky Johnson shards, Tokens, and MORE!

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ChaptersRequirementsContest Superstars
The RockAny The RockThe Rock “The Most Electrifying Man”
Samoan ReunionOpen“Soul Man” Rocky Johnson (Node 1+3)
Naomi “Always Shine” (Node 2+4)
4-Nodes only


55-Star Diamond Tokens
64-Star Silver Tokens
3,900Wild Ones Solo Contest Points
300,000Samoan Reunion Solo Points
80Naomi “Always Shine” Shards
25“Soul Man” Rocky Johnson Shards
3The Rock’s Bronze Trickster Bag
1The Rock’s Gold Trickster Bag
2Samoan Reunion Chest
and more!


Get a chance at “Soul Man” Rocky Johnson and Naomi “Always Shine” at 5-Star Bronze, alongside their shards and up to a 4-Star GOLD The Rock “Most Electrifying Man”!

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