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Armed with immense power and extensive knowledge of martial arts, Damian Priest takes aim at WWE Champions 2021! Play his Showdown Debut and win the “Archer of Infamy” in milestones grab bags!

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Damian Priest Debut Showdown6/18 at noon PST6/21 at noon PST
Showdown Tournament (M/M)6/19 at noon PST6/20 at 4pm PST
Web Solo Event at wwechampions.com6/18 at noon PST6/20 at noon PST
Ruby Flash Market at wwechampions.com6/19 at noon PST6/21 at noon PST

Solo Contest

Progress in Limited-Time Tours and in Showdown and win BRAND-NEW Damian Priest “Archer of Infamy” from milestone grab bags, alongside Honky Tonk’s Blues Skill Plate and shards for other great Technicians.

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Earn Showdown Coins70
Spend Damian Priest Loot Coin for the first time500,0001
Spend 1 Damian Priest Loot Coin12,000
Increase the Talent of any Technician Superstars25
Increase the Talent of any Modern Superstar25
Win in Damian Priest’s Showdown with Damian Priest1,000,0001
Win in Damian Priest Showdown with Honky Tonk Man “Hall of Fame”300,0001
Win in Damian Priest Showdown with Drew McIntyre “Scottish Warrior”100,0002
Win in Damian Priest Showdown with Johnny Gargano50,0005
Win in Damian Priest Showdown with any Hall of Fame50,00020
Win in Damian Priest Showdown with any Ted DiBiase40,00015
Win in Damian Priest Showdown with any Shawn Michaels30,00015
Win in Damian Priest Showdown with any Jey Uso20,00010
Max Milestone11,500,000


1Honky Tonk’s Blues Skill Plate
3Damian Priest Gold Grabbags
6Damian Priest Silver Grabbags
6Damian Priest Bronze Grabbags
18,500Damian Priest Faction Points
9,600Wild Ones Solo Contest Points
30,000Wild Ones Faction Contest Points
1Random Legendary Technician Strap
45-Star Diamond Tokens
45-Star Gold Tokens
54-Star Gold Tokens
68Afa “The Wild Samoans” Shards
75Sika Evo Tokens

Top 100 Leaderboard rewards

1Up to a 4-Star Gold Damian Priest
1Damian Priest Silver Grabbags
1Damian Priest Bronze Grabbags
55-Star Diamond Tokens
105-Star Gold Tokens

Faction Contest

Join the Showdown Tournament, play the Limited-Time Tours, and progress in the Solo contest to win additional rewards for you and your Faction members!

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Collect Damian Priest Bronze Grabbags300
Collect Showdown Coins1
Spend 1 Health Pack5
Spend 1 Green TP10
Spend 1 Blue TP10
Win the Damian Priest Showdown with any Technician10030
Win the Damian Priest Showdown with any Mankind10010
Win the Damian Priest Showdown with any Randy Orton10010
Earn more Faction Points in the Limited-Time Tours and Solo Contest!
Max Milestone6,000,000


3Damian Priest Ultimate Chance Grabbag
1Random Legendary Strap
3,150Wild Ones Solo Contest Points
7,500Wild Ones Faction Competition Points
25-Star Diamond Tokens
35-Star Silver Tokens
34-Star Silver Tokens
14-Star Gold Tokens

Top 100 Leaderboard rewards

1Damian Priest Gold Grabbag
1Damian Priest Silver Grabbag
1Damian Priest Bronze Grabbag
1Damian Priest Ultimate Grabbag
3Random Legendary Strap for Women’s Division
5Random Tier 4 Medals

Limited-Time Tours

Bring your Technicians and Women’s Division Superstars to beat the Limited-Time Tours. Earn more Damianb Priest grab bags, Contest points, and resources!

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DayChaptersContest Superstars
6/18Technician TourJohnny Gargano
Drew McIntyre “Scottish Warrior”
Honky Tonk Man “Hall of Fame”
6/18Women’s Division TourNikki Bella “Hall of Fame”
Becky Lynch “The Man”
Rhea Ripley “Nightmare”
6/20Hell in a Cell TourBobby Lashley
Bianca Belair “The EST”


310,000Damian Priest Solo Points
14,000Damian Priest Faction Points
1Damian Priest Gold Grabbag
2Damian Priest Ultimate Bag
5,500Wild Ones Faction Contest Points
1,500Wild Ones Solo Contest Points
15-Star Diamond Token
35-Star Gold Tokens
104-Star Silver Tokens
and more!


Aim high and win a BRAND-NEW Damian Priest “Archer of Infamy” at 5-Star Bronze, along with Posters of TOP Hall of Fame Superstars and MORE! A Loot you shall not miss!


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