Hey Champions,

We just rolled out our latest Update 0.51 to all Major Platforms. Besides the revamped Notification Bubbles and Messaging System we managed to fix a lot of bugs and issues the Community has encountered in the recent past.

To give you an even closer outlook on what we have planned in the near future, we want to share some of our plans for Q3 with you, which include some pretty handy and time-saving improvements.

Please note:
Screenshots are from an early build or just design mockups. Text, numbers, and functionalities are subject to change!

One-Tap Claim & Login Streak (Q3 2021)

  • We heard you, it can get a bit exhausting when there are many things going on in the game.
  • We want to provide you a way to focus on what is really important at that moment, and still to fulfill all your daily tasks.
  • We give you an option to skip and complete all the repetitive tasks such as Daily Tours, Daily Tasks, and Deadman’s Daily with just one tap!
  • Each day you will be able to claim all the one-time rewards in those game modes with a single button on your home screen.
  • This new feature will be available from a certain League Tier onwards, so make sure to climb up the ranks anytime you can. The higher the league you’re in, the more stuff you’ll be able to auto-claim.
  • By claiming all these daily rewards for 7 consecutive days you will build up a streak that gives you significant bonus rewards every day that you maintain the streak. So make sure to log in daily and claim your rewards.

Stipulation Tours Improvements (Q3 2021)

We collected a lot of data and Feedback over the last couple of months to work on further improvements for the Stipulation Tours. The following adjustments should provide you a much better experience in this game mode.

  • We will reduce the number of matches/nodes from 5 to 3. That way, we keep it short but still exciting to compete in it.
  • The scores for each rule will be adjusted to assure a better balance between breaking and generating gems in the Color Clash mode.
  • Compete for better rewards in more granular Leaderboards!
  • Players will be ranked by “Best Run” in the Leaderboards. Finding and using different strategies to get the most out of the Tours is key here.
  • The effect of HP Loot Boxes will increase from 2%, 3%, 5% to 10%, 15%, 25% to help you with recovering after each match.
  • Also, we will adjust the total rewards for participating in Stipulation Tours.

Notification Improvements (Q3 2021)

  • WWE Champions 2021 provides content for everyone and we want to keep players in the loop of what is happening in their game.
  • Some notifications the game sends to your phone might not be relevant for everyone and it can get a bit spammy over time. Thus, we are planning to revamp the notification system with the goal to reduce the number and frequencies of those.
  • Notifications will be customizable and should show only relevant info for you to become a more essential and reliable part of your daily WWE Champions 2021 routine.
Very early Design Mockup – Final Design is subject to change.

There are many more exciting things to come this year, so stay tuned! We can’t wait to bring you the big news!

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