Update: 8/4

The Strap Pass improvements will be deployed by the end of this week!

  • For every unclaimed Strap Bag in your existing Pass, you will get 100 Strap Parts and for every unclaimed Medal Bag you will get 1,059 Medal Bits.
  • This exchange will be done via in-game messaging, so you will find the corresponding parts and bits in your inbox once done.
  • Your unclaimed amount will be set to ZERO and the NEW Daily/Weekly rewards will begin on Friday, 8/6 at 5 pm PST.

Hey Champions,

The Strap Up Pass will get a small overhaul in the next days! We are going to replace the Medals and Straps with their respective currencies, Medal Bits, and Strap Parts!

It will provide you with almost 10,000 Strap Parts and 50,000 Medal Bits per week!

  • Additionally, you get 50% increased chances to level up Medals!
  • It comes with a 1-week Trial and provides the known VIP Bonuses!

As a SIGN-UP BONUS, you will get an EPIC 4 Slot “DX” Strap with a 10% Bonus “All Gem Damage”, 4 Random Epic Straps, and 16 random Tier 4 Medals!

The Sign-Up Bonuses, including the “DX” Strap, are yours to keep, even if you don’t keep your membership!

Please note: This Membership comes with all the known VIP benefits including the VIP gauntlet Blitz. It won’t have any additional VIP tours or Gauntlet Blitzes.