Hey Champions,

Our Summer Jam and Countdown to SummerSlam are in full swing. What better timing to release something historical like that permanently in the game!


We are happy to announce a BRAND-NEW SummerSlam Road Tour!

  • Its name says it all, you get the opportunity to push your Superstars to the envelope with 5-Star opponents that are just waiting for their new punching bags.
  • 2 new chapters will be already availabe (for League 13+) from 8/9 on (can be delayed).
  • By doing these 2 new chapters you will get the chance to win TONS of additional resources, such as 80 MILLION Coins, 8,000 TP, and SUMMERSLAM Mystery Prizewall Medallions to bring your Roster to the Next Level!
  • More chapters for the SummerSlam 5-Star Matches will be added by the end of August and in September 2021.


Last but not least, after months of waiting and countless Community requests, LEAGUE 18 is here!

  • On 8/15, you will be able to rank up and fulfill new tasks in all-new League 18.
  • If you have multiple 5-Star Silver Superstars, this is where your next challenge begins!

Stay tuned for more hot news soon!

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