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Our Midweek contest is all about the LEGIT BOSS! Win Sasha Banks “The Boss” Gear, shards and a chance at her Poster in grab bags, alongside “bossy” Skill Plates and much MORE!

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Legit Boss8/11 at noon PST8/13 at noon PST

Solo Contest

Earn Contest points by playing with selected Women’s Division Superstars in the Limited-Time Tour and spin the Loot to climb up the milestones!

WIN a General’s Order Skill Plate with enough points from the Tours, and keep pushing for Sasha Banks grab bags, Boss Time Skill Plate, and a LEGIT amount of resources!

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Spend 1 Legit Boss Loot Coin for the first time110,0001
Spend 1 Legit Boss Loot Coin2,000
Earn extra points in the Limited-Time Tours!
Max Milestone1,000,000


1Sasha Banks “The Boss” Gear
200Sasha Banks “The Boss” shards
1Boss Time Skill Plate
1General’s Order Skill Plate
3Sasha Premier Bags
5Sasha Basic Bags
2Random Legendary Straps with a possible strong bonus!
65-Star Diamond Token
115-Star Gold Tokens
175-Star Silver Tokens
214-Star Gold Tokens
294-Star Silver Tokens
283-Star Gold Tokens
623-Star Silver Tokens

Top 100 Leaderboard rewards

1Up to a 5-Star Bronze “High Chief” Peter Maivia
400“High Chief” Peter Maivia shards
55-Star Diamond Tokens
25-Star Gold Tokens

Limited-Time Tour

Play these Limited-Time Tours for Contest Points, Tokens, Coins, and TP.

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ChaptersContest Superstars
Women’s DivisionAny Sasha Banks
Any Trish Stratus


188,950Sasha Banks Legit Boss Contest Points
35-Star Diamon Tokens
25-Star Gold Tokens
15-Star Silver Tokens
64-Star Gold Tokens
364-Star Silver Tokens
and more!


Get THE BOSS at 5-Star Silver in LOOT, alongside “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan, Trish Stratus “Tribute to the Troops” at 5-Star Bronze, and many more GREAT Superstars!

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