Hey Champions,

Do you acknowledge Roman Reigns or can you actually see John Cena?! Visit the store and purchase Shirts to PICK your favorite! Unlock rewards for the community and WIN a bigger BONUS PRIZE for your Shirts based on the milestone reached if you PICK wins at SummerSlam!

  • Earn points by collecting Roman Reigns or John Cena T-Shirts in Offers.
  • The more points the entire Community collects, the more milestone rewards can be UNLOCKED and CLAIMED on wwechampions.com!
  • Up to 12,000,000 Coins for EVERYONE!
  • WIN A BONUS PRIZE if your pick defeats his opponent at SummerSlam!

Please note:
Text, numbers, and dates are subject to change!


You can find the Champion Community Event at wwechampions.com. It ends on 8/21!

Visit wwechampions.com EVERY DAY to see the overall progress and to claim your unlocked milestones rewards.

Community Event (Only on wwechampions.com)

UNLOCK 10 milestones together with the WWE Champions Community by picking the Winner between John Cena and Roman Reigns for this SummerSlam! Each Favorite has its own event!

You will find the “Events” Tab on the side panel of the Community Portal.
Collect Roman Reigns or John Cena Shirts in offers to Pick Your Favorite, only available on wwechampions.com. 7
Max Milestone52,500
Please note: This event is only available on wwechampions.com, offers and points can only be obtained there.

Rewards for Each Contest

Claim unlocked rewards on the Community Portal and receive them in your Inbox.

200 Points25,000 Coins
500 Points50,000 Coins
1,000 Points100,000 Coins
4,000 Points200,000Coins
8,000 Points300,000 Coins
15,000 Points500,000 Coins
23,000 Points1,000,000 Coins
31,000 Points2,000,000 Coins
39,000 Points3,000,000 Coins
52,500 Points5,000,000 Coins
Reminder: These rewards are for EVERYONE!


If YOUR FAVORITE takes home the WIN, you can cash in EACH of your Shirts for a BONUS of the top coin amount achieved in this event shortly after the Event.


Your Favorite wins and the Community made it to milestone 10, EACH Shirt gives you 5,000,000 additional Coins. The more Shirts you collected the more Coins you can get in the end.

There is also a consolation bag prize for players whose Pick did not win.

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