Hey Champions,

SummerSlam is upon us, and with that, the reveal of the SummerSlam Mystery Medallions! You could earn throughout the game in recent Contests and Tours. BRAND-NEW 5-Star Emeral Tokens and a Token overhaul await you! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


It is time for you and your Roster to step up and become an adequate match for the opponents in the Summer Slam 5-Star Matches Tours.

  • 5-Star Emerald Tokens won’t be available until SummerSlam, but you could earn Mystery Medallions in the 2 available Summer Slam Tours and in contests until the highly anticipated Summer Slam Weekend.
  • Why are those Mystery Medallions so important? You can redeem them on that Summer Slam Weekend for 5-Star Emerald Tokens of your choice.
  • 10 5-Star Emerald Tokens will guarantee your first 5-Star Gold Evolution! (You Superstar needs to be fully maxed at 5-Star Silver)
  • From here on, we will continue to distribute more 5-Star Emerald Tokens in future contests.

Please Note:

The Mystery Medallions will not be usable after this SummerSlam Weekend. Prizewall will expire on ~Tuesday, 8/24 (subject to change). The Medallions in the SummerSlam Road Tour Chapters will be replaced with random 5-Star Emerald Token Bags on Monday, 8/23.

TOKEN REVAMP (to reduce Token overlap)

Now with these new 5-Star Emerald Tokens at the horizon, we also decided to do an overhaul to our existing Token/Evolution balance in the game with the goal to reduce Token overlap.

This will be relevant for your future Evolutions, especially for the next Talent Ups you might want to prepare for.

  • From this SummerSlam Weekend on, the number of required Tokens will be reduced!
  • The new Token Requirements will look as follows:

Special Eras:

Icons of Wrestlemania: 5SS > 5SG = 45x Bronze, 30x Silver, 24x Gold IWM Tokens
Hall of Fame: 5SS > 5SG = 30x 5-Star HOF Tokens

Please Note: 5-Star Silver Talent Adjustments

Due to the release of 5-Star Gold and its Talent range, the Talent ranges for 5-Star Silver Superstars will be shifting slightly to account for the new Talent ceiling. This will NOT affect the actual stats of 5-Star Silver Superstars like health or gem damage or make them weaker in any way. The only value that will change is the Talent value

Additionally, a small number of Superstars have Entourage abilities unlocked at 20,000 Talent. This requirement is meant to ensure that the Superstar has reached 5-Star Silver, so we will be reducing all 20,000 Entourage Talent requirements to 18,000.

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