Hey Champions,

She’s defied the odds, disarmed her opponents, and demolished every obstacle. Soon, everyone in WWEternia will learn this is The Man’s world, in this NEW Superstar Trial! Be there when The NEW Man meets the NEW Giant and WIN great rewards for the whole WWE Champions Community!

  • Find BRAND-NEW Becky Lynch (TRIAL) fully maxed at 5-Star Bronze directly in your Roster at the start!
  • TRY her out and obtain 95 Shards GUARANTEED ahead of her debut contest in the exclusive Superstar Trial Tour, alongside The Man and a Giant T-Shirts in Gold Lootboxes!
  • Collect these T-Shirts to earn points in the GLOBAL Communtiy Event at wwechampions.com and WIN valuable Straps and more for EVERYONE!
  • Redeem your T-Shirts in EXCLUSIVE LOOT and SPIN the Cash Loot to the MAX for a GUARANTEED 4-STAR SUPERSTAR!
5-Star Silver Previews/Guides for new Superstars can be found on wwechampions.com! Content made by the Community for the Community!


Exclusive Superstar Trial (League 7+)8/31 at noon PST9/3 at 2 am PST
The Man and a Giant Community Event 8/31 at noon PST 9/3 at noon PST

Community Event (Only on wwechampions.com)

UNLOCK 10 milestones together with the WWE Champions Community by COLLECTING “The Man and a Giant” T-Shirts in the Limited-Time Trial Tour to unlock valuable Straps and more FOR EVERYONE!

You will find the “Events” Tab on the side panel of the Community Portal.
Collect TMaTG T-Shirts in Gold Loot Boxes at the end of a match the Limited-Time Trial Tour1
Max Milestone10,000,000
Please note: This event is only available on wwechampions.com, offers and points can only be obtained there.

Rewards for Each Contest

Claim unlocked rewards at wwechampions.com and receive them in your Inbox.

1Two Words For Ya Skill Plate
1Legendary Becky Lynch “The Man” Strap with +40% All Gem Defense
1Epic Any Andre The Giant Strap with +40% All Gem Damage
1Epic Becky Lynch “Irish Lasskicker” Strap with +60% Yellow Gem Damage


Spend Cash to WIN BRAND-NEW Andre The Giant “Heroic Warrior Titan” at 5-Star Bronze, alongside his other versions, and Becky Lynch “The Man” with her GEAR (4-Star Bronze and up). Every MAX CASH PULL will get you a GUARANTEED 4-Star Loot Coin for a GIANT GUARANTEED 4-Star Loot!


For EVERY MAX PULL in the Man and a Giant CASH LOOT you will get 1 Giant 4-Star Loot Coin that can be redeemed in a GIANT Guaranteed 4-Star Loot with TONS of FIRST CLASS Superstars at up to 4-Star GOLD!


Collect as many T-Shirts as you can from GOLD Lootboxes in the Becky Lynch “The Man of WWEternia” Trial Tour and redeem them in this LOOT for TP, Coins, Superstar Shards Masters of the WWE Universe Superstars, and a chance at a 5-Star Bronze Poster of Andre the Giant, and Becky Lynch with her Gear!

Becky Lynch “The Man of WWEternia” has her official Debut contest this Friday, 9/3, at noon PST! Thus, we will remove her Trial Version from your account on 9/3 at ~2 am PST.

Her removal comes with a ~ 30-minute maintenance. During this time you will not be able to access and play the game. 

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