Hey Champions,

We have some more great news for you! With the introduction of our Community Portal, we gave everyone the chance to expand their game experience further. Massive advantages that help you out in your game, including additional Web Events, with special rewards for those players who want to get great BONUSES ON TOP of their purchases!


You will find the “Events” Tab on the side panel of the Community Portal.

And that’s exactly where our latest improvements come in! From now on, you get MORE of everything for the rest of the WWE x MOTU contest! Enjoy the following milestone rewards in Web Events:


15-Star Bronze MEGA Superstar Equal Odds Bag
2Random Legendary Affiliation Strap
5Random Epic Affiliation Strap
4Epic Shard Chest
185-Star Diamond Tokens
225-Star Gold Tokens
150Ricky Steamboat “Heroic Master of Dragons” Shards

Join the WWE Champions Community on our OFFICIAL Forum and let us know your feedback on these improvements!