Hey Champions,

Stratusfaction is back! Work your way up the Milestones by participating in the Starrcade: nWo’s Revenge Showdown Tournament! Spend Starrcade: nWo’s Revenge Loot Coins or double-dip with Trish Stratus “Tribute to the Troops” in Showdown battles to significantly speed up your progress in the Contest!

Special rewards include a 3-Star Bronze Stacy Keibler “Women’s Legend” Poster, a Skill Plate Medallion, Stacy Keibler “Ms. Keibler” Shards, and much more! Earn a Tribute to the Troops Star to redeem in the Tribute to the Troops Prize Shop for Stacy Keibler “Women’s Legend” and Trish Stratus “Tribute to the Troops” Legendary Straps with GUARANTEED bonuses!

Additionally, get a great chance at RARE Superstars in the Starrcade: nWo’s Revenge Backstage EQUAL ODDS Loot! On Thursday, spin your first 3 Equal Odds Loot Coins to earn a BOATLOAD of Tribute to the Troops Contest Points!

NOTE: Equal Odds Loot Coins are only available on Thursday through the Starrcade: nWo’s Revenge Backstage Offers. So head to the Store to purchase your Backstage Pass now!

Web Exclusive Reminder: Pick up your Free Trish Stratus “Stratusfaction” at 3-Star Bronze, a free Reward only in wwechampions.com’s Special Offers this week.


Tribute to the Troops Solo Contest11/10 at noon PST11/12 at noon PST

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