Hey Champions,

The flying fury is here! Don’t miss your chance to play as the all-new Rey Mysterio “WCW’s Ultimate Cruiserweight” at 5-Star Bronze as part of a special Starrcade: nWo’s Revenge 5-Star Trial. The Rey Mysterio that put WCW’s Cruiserweight division on the map is here, and he’s bringing his Gear with him. Try him out for FREE, earn his Shards, and try out 2 new Gears in his Trial Tour.

  • Find this BRAND-NEW fully maxed 5-Star Bronze Trial Superstar directly in your Roster at the start!
  • Those strong Gears can make the difference for a high-risk high flyer like the great Rey Mysterio! Try them out for yourself in this limited-time special.

Limited-Time Tour (League 7+)

Exclusive Superstar Trial11/10 at noon PST11/12 at 2 am PST

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