Update (12/1)

Check out the added Grand Tournament Recap graphic below for some interesting facts about the Tournament.

Congratulations to our first-ever GRAND CHAMPION Eddawgydogg! He prevailed in every Round and can truly be crowned the Best of the Best in this Grand Tournament.

A BIG THANK YOU to ALL 16 participants and of course, the WWE Champions Universe with all their Support for the competitors! It was our first Grand Tournament ever and we will take our time now to go through all your constructive Feedback for another GRAND endeavor!

Original Post (11/16):

Hey Champions,

Did you watch King of the Ring wishing that you had an epic, royal tournament to call your own? Well, look no further! The GRAND TOURNAMENT has arrived in WWE Champions 2021!

Compete in Head-to-Head matches on the GRANDEST STAGE in WWE Champions and become the first-ever GRAND CHAMPION! HELL YEAH!

  • COMPETE: Try your hand at qualifying for an EPIC 16 Player head-to-head Tournament
  • PLAY a special set of scoring challenges asynchronously. Top 16 qualify and then hit the head-to-head knockout rounds.
  • PICK’EM AND WIN: Everyone can be a winner. Fire up and Favor Competitors you like, then play Pick’em for a rare chance at Rubies and Web Coins
  • WATCH & ENGAGE: Compare lineups on wwechampions.com. Learn from top Competitor setups and check out their Matches and moves on wwechampions.com and Twitch.
  • DOMINATE the Grand Tournament and WIN in-game Prizes worth thousands of dollars!


Grand TournamentDate
48 hours Pick’em and Favoring11/19
Round 1 (16 Players/8 Matches) 11/21
24 hours Pick’em and Favoring11/23
Quarterfinals (8 Players/4 Matches)11/24
48 hours Pick’em and Favoring 11/25
Semi-finals (4 Players/2 Matches)11/27
24 hours Pick’em and Favoring 11/28
Finals (will last 24 hours)11/29
Every event starts at noon PST

How to Enter:

  • Step 1: Claim your Entry Ticket on wwechampions.com, 11/18 around noon PST.
  • Step 2: Play a special limited-time Stipulation Tour to set your mark in the Scoring Challenge.
    • You must be in League 6 or above to compete.
  • The TOP 16 Players in this Leaderboard will enter the Knockout Rounds to participate in Head-to-Head competitions and determine the Grand Tournament Winner.

🔥 A Tournament for the WWE Champions Community:

The Grand Tournament takes place in-game. On wwechampions.com, we will provide you with an ALL-NEW Tournament experience, including Match stats, streaming options, and ways to engage with the Competitors. Thus, we encourage everyone to participate and reach for the TOP Leaderboard ranks in the Qualification Round.

How to Watch & Win:

  • Step 1: Check out the Tournament bracket on wwechampions.com
  • Step 2: Favor Competitors you like, and then use PICK’EM TOKENS play Pick’em each round to choose your winners and win Rubies and Web Coins
  • Step 3: Compare Competitor lineups and watch their streams to learn more about them and for a chance at extra rewards via Twitch Drops
    Step 4: Check out the Forums for special discussions and analysis 
  • Step 5: Repeat every Round until our Grand Champion is crowned

If you’re one of our competitors, check out the handy streaming guide by Guersan here.

⭐⭐⭐⭐ The Winner will walk out as GRAND CHAMPION with awesome Rewards, including a powerful UNIQUE Strap that will be the ONLY one of its kind in WWE Champions! 🤯

Don’t miss out on these bragging rights for you and your Faction as the #1 WWE Champions player in the world!


Participating in and winning the Grand Tournament is all about Prestige and EXCLUSIVE Rewards! Let’s get to it!

  • Unique “Grand Tournament Winner” Strap with 100% Gem Damage
  • Unique “Grand Tournament Finalist” Strap with 75% Gem Damage
  • “Semi-Finalist” Straps with 50% Gem Damage
  • Participant Straps with 25% Gem Damage
  • Custom Winner Avatar Frame
  • Custom Participant Avatar Frame
  • Rubies
  • Stipulation Chips
  • Marquee Chips

The Grand Tournament Elite

  • ALL TOP 16 Participants will be invited to a dedicated Grand Tournament Discord Server to get in touch with Scopely Representatives and prepare for their upcoming Challenges.
  • We will try to get them ready for the Big Stage where the whole WWE Champions Universe is watching and excited to see the Best of the Best clashing.
  • Everyone can go to wwechampions.com to pick their Winners and Favorites, claim rewards, analyze Matchups and FEEL THE EXCITEMENT of the Grand Tournament by watching Videos and Streams!

The action is happening on wwechampions.com, but you also can FOLLOW us on our official Twitch Channel for Grand Tournament Streams and future content.

Join the WWE Champions Community on our OFFICIAL Forum to discuss the Grand Tournament and its participants and take part in additional GIVEAWAYS for EXTRA Grand Tournament rewards!

Additionally, we put a continuously updated Grand Tournament FAQ on the Forum, which hopefully leaves no questions unanswered.