Hey Champions,

Squad up with your Faction members and take down the toughest opponents WWE Champions has to offer! Figure out the best strategy to beat the Faction Boss and earn amazing rewards for you and your teammates!

Faction Boss (beta) in a nutshell:

⭐ REAL-TIME 4-Player co-op Multiplayer Experience

⭐ NEW Boss Abilities and Battle Attributes

⭐ EQUIP all-new unique Boss Breaker abilities

⭐ UNLOCK powerful Boosts with Faction Scout Missions

⭐ PREVAIL and earn great Prizes for your Team

The Faction Boss is still in Beta and not the complete mode. Thus, there are elements such as Rewards that are not final yet. So, enjoy this early access and send us your constructive feedback on it. The full feature will be released in 2022.

Earn Access to the Faction Boss

  • Faction Boss is a 2-Week journey
    • Week 1 is to gain access via the Faction Group Quests
    • Week 2 is for preparation and the Faction Boss Battle itself
  • Your goal should be to complete the last Faction Group Quest milestone the week before a Faction Boss Event.
    • If you miss out, you won’t get access to the Faction Boss Battle. So, make sure you are in an active Faction!

Starts Sunday, November 21st

Do your Scout Missions!

  • Before every Faction Boss Event, your Faction should participate in and complete Scout Missions every day to unlock powerful boosts for your Superstars.
  • Faction members contribute to daily Scout Missions that yield scaling boosts to the entire Faction for their upcoming weekend Faction Boss battles.
    • Just add your Superstar to each day’s mission based on the requirements for that day.
  • The strength of your boost is determined by the cumulative Talent achieved by your Faction.
  • Individual participation is required to join a Faction Boss Battle and to gain access to the boost.

🤝 Team Up for the Battle!

  • Create or join a lobby to form a Squad of up to four players from your Faction.
  • Invite active Faction members.
    • A Lobby Host can also set the Boss difficulty.
    • If you are having trouble finding Faction members to join, the Global Lobby will attempt to create a lobby for you with members of other Factions.
  • Each Team member can bring only 1 Superstar
  • You can review all Boss information and all Team mate loadout information to manage your own loadouts accordingly.
  • Pay close attention to your Superstar Styles, they will be a key to survive the Faction Boss Battle.
    • The following Styles are currently available:

Equip Boss Breakers!

  • Part of your strategy will be the all-new Boss Breaker Abilities, specifically designed to counter the brand-new Faction Boss Abilities.
  • You can equip them in your Superstar Management tab.
  • As mentioned above, each Superstar has a specific in-ring Style (Aggressive, Defensive, Chaotic, and Focused) and with that, access to a unique set of Boss Breakers.
  • Check out your respective Superstars and see what new skills they have at their disposal!
  • You can use your Boss Breaker to help your entire team deal more damage/survive longer/clear status effects.

Battle against the clock!

  • Faction Boss Battle turns are TIME-BASED! There is no pause, everything happens in REAL-TIME!
  • Turns last only a set amount of time, so make sure to make the most out of your turn.
  • Deal as much damage as you can before the Faction Boss takes their turn and unleashes powerful attacks!
  • Each player fights against the Faction Boss on their own screen & with their own personal gem board, which generally is not affected by any other player.
  • All Players perform typical battle interactions (gem matches, Move usage, Props) against the Faction Boss, which collectively contribute damage against the Faction Boss’s single HP bar.
    • The HP bar updates synchronously throughout the match.

Important: There is no MP charge for each turn like in normal battles, so match gems quickly to keep your Moves filled up!

Be aware of Boss Abilities!

  • The Faction Boss isn’t just another strong opponent. They come with dramatically scaled-up stats, challenging battle attributes, and brand new battle mechanics that require new counters and coordination.
    • They can use NEW Boss abilities to be a real challenge for your Team.
    • Make sure you bring your Boss Breaker abilities into the battle to counter these new Boss abilities.
  • Work together and find the best strategy to maximize your chances of success.

🏆 Prevail, risk more, and get rewarded!

  • Besides fame and glory, you will also earn awesome rewards by participating in Faction Boss Battles.
  • You can choose the difficulty for each Faction Boss battle, the higher difficulty you can defeat, the better the rewards you get in the end.
  • You will earn Bonus Rewards for each Faction mate that is in your lobby. By creating a Global Lobby, you will receive fewer rewards than if you played with all Faction members.

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Faction Boss is still in Beta, thus we are eager to hear your thoughts about it. Join the WWE Champions Community on our OFFICIAL Forum and send us your feedback on this new feature!