Update 11/29

Cyber Monday is CYBORG MONDAY in WWE Champions. Get a rare chance for big specials with WWE Champions Mutants including Cesaro, Bayley, Doink, Finn Balor, and MORE! Every 2 Hours you can enjoy NEW exclusive deals at wwechampions.com!

Update 11/23

Make some room in your belly, the Holiday Feast just got even BIGGER!

CLAIM your FREE Brock Lesnar “The Next Big Thing” and enjoy the following new content:

  • BRAND-NEW Brock Lesnar “Return of the Beast”
  • ALL-NEW Stamp Cards
  • Thanksgiveaway Community Event – Rey Mysterio Signed Action Figure Giveaway
  • Hall of Fame Talent Up Contest

Hey Champions,

WWE Champions will be your extra gravy for your Thanksgiving! Enriched with sweet rewards for everyone and more delicious content throughout the upcoming week! So, sharpen your knives, it is truly a festive time no one should miss out on! Gobble Gobble!

🗓 Thanksgiving Week Schedule

Events at wwechampions.com StartEnd
FREE 4-Star Bronze Brock Lesnar “The Next Big Thing”11/23 at noon PST
⭐⭐⭐⭐ NEW Brock Lesnar “Return of the Beast”11/23 at noon PST
⭐⭐⭐⭐ ALL-NEW Stamp Cards11/23 at noon PST
Thanksgivaway Community Event11/24 at noon PST11/30 at 11 am PST
Hall of Fame Talent Up Contest11/24 at noon PST11/30 at 11 am PST
Holiday Feast Web Events11/22 at noon PST11/26 at noon PST
Holiday Feast Flash ⚡ Market (Gobble, Gobble)11/22 at noon PST11/26 at noon PST
(will be updated through the week)

CLAIM YOUR FREE BROCK LESNAR (Only at wwechampions.com)

Go to wwechampions.com and CLAIM your FREE Brock Lesnar “The Next Big Thing”!

ALL-NEW STAMP CARDS (Only at wwechampions.com)

Besides an incredibly powerful burnt Turkey ready to fight back, we proffer you another tasty reason to keep your eyes on wwechampions.com EVERY DAY.

⭐⭐⭐⭐ THE BEAST RETURNS! Shards for BRAND-NEW Brock Lesnar will exclusively be available in Stamp Cards and throughout this week’s events, including the ongoing Holiday Feast ⚡ Flash Market!

  • With STAMP CARDS you will get rewarded for your DAILY purchases on top of what you can already earn in Web Events.
  • Alongside Brock Lesnar “Return of the Beast” Shards, you can earn a 5-Star Bronze Superstar Bag, with GUARANTEED TOP Superstars!
  • Each individual purchase over $10 at wwechampions.com gets you a stamp on your card which unlocks a reward.
  • You can unlock up to 10 rewards on your Stamp Card but the amount can differ with each Stamp Card.
    • The Final Reward unlocks with your final purchase
  • The first Stamp Card runs until 11/28, so dont miss out!

Once Stamp Cards are LIVE (today), you should do the following:

  1. Visit wwechampions.com
  2. Make a Purchase over $10
  3. Click on the NEW Stamp Card icon
  4. Claim your Reward!

Additionally, with the NEW Stamp Cards, we are looking into replacing the daily claims with a special Stamp Card. So, in the near future, you can get all your daily FREE rewards with a single stamp on your visit at wwechampions.com!

Thanksgiveaway Community Event (Only on wwechampions.com)

UNLOCK 10 milestones together with the WWE Champions Community by COLLECTING Thanksgiveaway Web Contest Points in the Hall of Fame Talent-Up Contest and participating in the Hall of Fame Tour (Web Contest Points drop in Boss Node Gold Loot Boxes only!

Top 100 Players will receive a signed Rey Mysterio Action Figure!!!

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You will find the “Events” Tab on the side panel of the Community Portal.
Collect Thanksgiveaway Web Contest Points1,000
Max Milestone30,000,000
Please note: This event is only available on wwechampions.com, offers and points can only be obtained there.


Claim unlocked rewards at wwechampions.com and receive them in your Inbox.

1Top 100 ONLY: Signed Rey Mysterio Action Figure
50Brock Lesnar “Return of the Beast” Shards
5,000Starrcade Solo Contest Points

Please read:

If you qualify for a Rey Mysterio action figure, you will be contacted via an in-app inbox message and directed to a web form to complete the information needed to claim your giveaway.

  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Must provide a valid mailing address and fill out all required information 
  • All information must be provided by 12/8/21
  • Scopely reserves all rights. See official terms (scopely.com/rules)
  • Void where prohibited.

Hall of Fame Talent-Up

Increase the Talent of your Hall of Fame Superstars and win Hall of Fame Gear Medallions to pick your favorite Hall of Fame Gear! Climb up the Milestones for more Thanksgiveaway Web Contest Points, TIER 5 Medals, and Legendary Hall of Fame Straps!

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Increase the Talent of any Superstar1
Increase the Talent of any Hall of Fame Superstar 5
Spend a 2-Star HoF Token300
Spend a 3-Star HoF Token600
Spend a 4-Star HoF Token1,000
Spend a 5- Star HoF Token2,500
Max Milestone300,000


1,400Thanksgiveaway Web Contest Points
3Hall of Fame Gear Medallion
50,000Starrcade Keys
3Random Tier 5 Medals
9Epic Tier 4 Medals
6Legendary Hall of Fame Straps
4Epic Hall of Fame Straps

Top 100 Leaderboard rewards

3Hall of Fame Gear Medallion
35-Star Diamond Tokens
55-Star Gold Tokens

Limited-Time Hall of Fame Tour

Play the Limited-Time Tour with selected Hall of Fame Superstars to get the most points out of it. Every Boss Node Gold Loot Box drops Thanksgiveaway Web Contest Points, so make sure to collect those and help the Community to progress in the Thanksgivaway Community Event at wwechampions.com!

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DayChaptersContest Superstars
WednesdayShowboatsTed Dibiase “Hall of Fame”
Brie Bella “Hall of Fame”
Trish Stratus “Hall of Fame”
ThursdayTricksters & TechniciansRick Rude “Hall of Fame”
Steve Austin “Hall of Fame”
Honky Tonk Man “Hall of Fame”
Roddy Piper “Hall of Fame”
Eddie Guerrero “Hall of Fame”
Nikki Bella “Hall of Fame”
FridayPowerhouses & StrikersScott Hall “Hall of Fame”
Andre the Giant “Hall of Fame”
The Godfather “Hall of Fame”
Sgt. Slaughter “Hall of Fame”
Wendi Richter “Hall of Fame”


950Thanksgiveaway Web Contest Points
35-Star Hall of Fame Tokens
154-Star Hall of Fame Tokens
183-Star Hall of Fame Tokens
182-Star Hall of Fame Tokens

Holiday Feast Web Event (Only at wwechampions.com)

  • 4-DAY Web Store EVENT, giving BONUS VALUE to your Web Store purchases!
  • BRAND-NEW Gobbledy Gooker “Burnt Turkey” Gear with +250% Move Damage!
  • Chance to unlock Gobbledy Gooker at 4-Star Gold if you complete ALL 4 DAYS!
  • Additionally, rare chances at a Gobbledy Gooker Poster, his new GEAR, and The Rock “Most Electrifying Man” at 4-Star Bronze in Gooker Bags!
Show Rewards

You will find the “Events” tab on the side panel of the Community Portal.
Spend $11
Max Milestone200
Please note: This event is only available on wwechampions.com, offers and points can only be obtained there.

Rewards for each day!

Claim unlocked rewards at wwechampions.com and receive them in your Inbox.

8Gooker Bags
100Gooker Shards
200Ultimate Warrior “Hall of Fame” Shards
135-Star Hall of Fame Tokens
11Legendary Straps
125-Star Gold Tokens
285-Star Silver Tokens

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Gobbledy Gooker and his BRAND-NEW “Burnt Turkey” Gear will also be available in the Thanksgiving Flash ⚡ Market, starting 11/22 at noon PST.

There is way more to come this week, stay tuned! This post will be updated throughout the week.

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