Hey Champions,

Another spectacular week lies ahead of us. Play a very special Hall of Fame Showdown Tournament and win a 3-Star Bronze Scott Hall “Hall of Fame”, alongside other great rewards for your Roster progression!

Additionally, you can enjoy a limited-time HP Regen for your Superstars! More info in this post.

Please note:
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Hall of Fame Spectacular Showdown1/12 at noon PST1/14 at noon PST
Showdown Tournament (M/M)1/12 at noon PST1/14 at noon PST
Flash ⚡ Market at wwechampions.com1/12 at noon PST 1/14 at noon PST

Solo Contest

Play the Hall of Fame Showdown Tournament with selected Superstars and spin the dedicated Flash Market at wwechampions.com to progress in this Solo Contest. Win a 3-Star Bronze Poster of Scott Hall “Hall of Fame”, Dusty Rhodes “Hall of Fame” Shards, and plenty of resources.

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Earn extra points in the Flash Market at wwechampions.com
Win an SD match with The Godfather “Hall of Fame”250010
Win an SD match with Scott Hall “Hall of Fame” 250010
Win an SD match with any “Hall of Fame”450040
Spend 1 HoF Spectacular Loot Coin825
Max Milestone400,000

Regular Rewards

13-Star Bronze Scott Hall “Hall of Fame”
8,025Hall of Fame Spectacular Solo Contest Points
49,700Hall of Fame Spectacular Faction Competition Points
20,000Hall of Fame Spectacular Keys
200Hall of Fame Spectacular Prize Wall Coins
75Jerry Lawler “Hall of Fame” Evo Tokens
200Dusty Rhodes “Hall of Fame” Shards
85-Star Diamond Tokens
25-Star Gold Tokens
45-Star Silver Tokens
24-Star Gold Tokens
74-Star Silver Tokens
3Random Legendary Straps
2Random Epic Straps
and many more Tokens

Top 100 Leaderboard rewards

1Up to a 4-Star Gold The Godfather “Hall of Fame”
200 The Godfather “Hall of Fame” Shards

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Increased HP Recovery Rate

Enjoy a Limited-Time only HP Regen for Superstars that are not injured. They will be fully recovered and back in the ring after max 30 Minutes of Cooldown. Spend fewer Health Packs over time or wait a little bit, whatever suits you.

The increased Recovery Rate is planned to stay active until 1/24.

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