Hey Champions,

Next Stop – Zombie Paradise, where Zombies can still be Zombies and have a blast at being undead. 4 BRAND-NEW Spring Outbreak Gears and Shards for “Unmortal” Hulk Hogan await you, alongside plenty of lively Rewards.


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Spring Outbreak 20225/16 at noon PST5/23 at noon PST
Showdown Tournament (M/F)5/16 at noon PST5/20 at noon PST
Faction Boss5/20 at 6 pm PST5/22 at 4 pm PST
Shop Events at wwechampions.com with “Unmortal” Hulk Hogan Shards in Milestones!5/16 at noon PST5/20 at noon PST

Solo Contest

Play the Limited-Time Tours for Solo Contest Points and Talent up your Zombies to earn the BRAND-NEW Edge Spring Outbreak Gear, Spring Outbreak Medallion Bags, 38 Million Coins, and “The Unmortal” Hulk Hogan Shard Bags!

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Earn more points in the Spring Outbreak Tour!
Increase the Talent of any Zombie220,000
Spend 1 Spring Outbreak 2022 Loot Coin6,000
Spend 1 Spring Outbreak 2022 on Monday350,0001
Spend 1 Spring Outbreak 2022 on Tuesday350,0011
Spend 1 Spring Outbreak 2022 on Wednesday350,0021
Spend 1 Spring Outbreak 2022 on Thursday350,0031
Max Milestone15,000,000

Regular Rewards

30Spring Outbreak 2022 Medallion Bags
15“The Unmortal” Hulk Hogan Shard Bags
35-Star Silver Tokens
44-Star Silver Tokens
63-Star Gold Tokens
90Bron Breakker Evo Tokens
21,500May Melee Solo Points

Additional Rewards – Achieve these Milestones/Rewards exclusively by spinning the Loot

38Spring Outbreak 2022 Medallion Bags
1Edge Spring Outbreak Gear
10“The Unmortal” Hulk Hogan Shard Bags
75Dominik Mysterio Shards
15-Star Emerald Tokens
25-Star Diamond Tokens
55-Star Gold Tokens
95-Star Silver Tokens

Top 250 Leaderboard rewards

1Up to a 5-Star Bronze Bobby Lashley “The All-Bitey” (Top 20)
1Bobby Lashley Spring Outbreak Gear (Top 20)
55-Star Emerald Tokens
Bobby Lashley’s Spring Outbreak Gear is also available in Loot.

Faction Contest

Compete with your Zombies in the Showdown Tournament and collect “Unmortal” Hogan Shards” to earn the Ultimate Opportuni-Z Skill Plate and Zombie Kane’s Spring Outbreak Gear for your whole Faction!

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TasksPointsDaily Limit (Faction)
Claim FREE Contest Points every day on wwechampions.com!
Earn Showdown Coins2
Win Showdown with any Zombie (Daily Reset with Points Increase – Ends Friday)250500,000
Collect “The Unmortal” Hulk Hogan Shards100
Max Milestone27,600,000
Contest Superstars (resets daily)PointsDaily Limit (Member)
Win Showdown With Zombie Hogan6501
Win Showdown With Zombie Mankind6501
Win Showdown With Zombie Rhea Ripley6501
Win Showdown With Zombie Triple H6501
Win Showdown With Zombie Undertaker6501
Win Showdown With Zombie Roman Reigns6501
Win Showdown With Zombie The Rock6501
Win Showdown With Zombie Edge6501
Win Showdown With Zombie Asuka6501
Win Showdown With Zombie Kane6501


1Ultimate Opportuni-Z Skill Plate
1Kane Spring Outbreak Gear
37,500May Melee Faction Competition Points
10,000May Melee Keys
15-Star Emerald Tokens
35-Star Gold Tokens
55-Star Silver Tokens
34-Star Gold Tokens

Top 100 Leaderboard rewards

160Spring Outbreak 2022 Medallion Bags

Limited-Time Tour

Every day, two new Zombie Chapters will launch, one of them lasting only 24 hrs. Bring your Zombies and collect “The Unmortal” Hulk Hogan Shards, Spring Outbreak 2022 Solo Points, and Prize Wall Medallions. Come back every day and don’t miss out on these Rewards!

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Zombie ChaptersContest Superstars
Day 1 (24 hrs Only)Zombie Kevin Owens
Zombie Triple H
Day 1 (Ends Friday)Zombie Drew McIntyre
Day 2 (24 hrs Only)Zombie Asuka
Zombie Sasha Banks
Day 2 (Ends Friday)Zombie Rhea Ripley
Day 3 (24 hrs Only)Zombie Nakamura
Zombie Mankind
Day 3 (Ends Friday)Zombie Edge
Day 4 (24 hrs Only)Zombie AJ Styles
Zombie Roman Reigns
Day 4 (Ends Friday)Zombie Bobby Lashley
1-Node only


32Spring Outbreak 2022 Medallion Bags
11“The Unmortal” Hulk Hogan Shard Bags
11,050,000Spring Outbreak 2022 Solo Points

Prize Wall

Redeem your Spring Outbreak 2022 Medallions in this Prize Wall for Zombie Poster, their Shards, strong Straps, and Spring Outbreak Gears!

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Zombie Loot and MOOOAAR

Spin this Loot for a chance at the fiercest Zombies in WWE Champions, including “The Unmortal” Hulk Hogan at 5-Star GOLD, Zombie Bobby Lashley with his BRAND-NEW Spring Outbreak Gear (drops with every 5-Star Bronze poster of him), alongside many other GREAT Zombies and Gears!


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