Hey Champions,

The RockerSlam weekend Contest was supposed to bring you joy and great Rewards in Milestones and Leaderboards. Unfortunately, unexpected circumstances made a significant part of the Contest unplayable for many Players.

We resolved some of these issues, extended the Faction Feud, and granted all required points to max the Faction Contest with your Faction.

Given the difficult situation, this was a decision we made to reward Factions accordingly at that moment. However, we still want to make it suitable for every player and apologize for the inconvenience these problems have caused you over the weekend.

Thus, we would like to roll out the following compensation and appreciation package to all impacted players (League 7+), while we are trying to make your next Faction Feud experiences a better one:

  • 500x Shards for Shawn Michaels “Rocker”
  • 100x Shards for Becky Lynch “GOAT”
  • 500x Shards for Ultimate Warrior “Always Believe”
  • 3x Ultimate Straps (Random)
  • 1x Ultimate Skill Plate
  • 30000x Strap Parts
  • 30 Million Coins
  • 2000 TP
  • 20x 5-Star Gold Tokens
  • 40x 4-Star Gold Tokens

These packages should go out in the next 24hrs. Thank you for being our Champions!

Your Dev Team