Hey Champions,

Here is Part Two of our R56 Update Notes, and it comes with a highly anticipated and requested feature that will take your Rosters and in-game experience to the Next Level!

Click HERE in case you missed Part One with the new Superstar Tiers.


  • You will be able to evolve your 5-Star Gold Superstars to 6-Star, which increases their power and unlocks an additional Move.
  • 5-Star Gold Superstars can be evolved with selected Superstar Shards, Coins, and regular and specific Evo Tokens found in Contests, Game Modes and Offers.


It is time to dust off your Superststar Shards from Loot or Rewards and give them a whole new purpose!

  • If you don’t have enough Shards for your 5-Star Gold Superstar, you can convert Shards of other Superstars (with the same Class and Style) to complete the Evolution.
  • There will now be a “Convert” button at the Superstar Evolution Screen that will be visible on a 5-Star Gold or above Superstar. (It is not possible to convert Shards for a lower Rarity FUSE e.g 4SG or 5SB)
  • It enables you to convert Shards of other Superstars into Shards for the selected 6-Star Candidate.

  • Upon clicking on that “Convert” button, the new Conversion Screen will open up where you can choose any of your Superstars and their Shards.
  • To fulfill the requirements, you can select multiple Superstars to convert their Shards simultaneously.

  • The NEW Superstar Tiers will also affect the Shards conversion rate; the higher the Tier, the better the conversion rate is (actual conversion rates will be visible as a tooltip)
  • With this new feature, every Superstar and their Shards will now be useful to bring your Roster to the next level!
  • We plan to release more persistent sources for Superstar Shards to ensure you can reach your goals over time.

Check out our FAQ on our Forum if you still have questions about this new experience.

6-Star Token (Mystery) Prize Wall

Et Voilá! Your SummerSlam Classics Mystery Medallions can be used in a special Prize Wall to get your hands on the BRAND-NEW 6-Star Tokens. Only 10 will be needed to take your Superstars to the Next Level.

6-Stars, Shards Conversion, and the 6-Star Token Mystery Prize Wall will go live in the next 48 hours!

Please note: 6-Star Tokens for Icons of WrestleMania and Hall of Fame Superstars will be released at some later date (no ETA yet).

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