Update 7/29

Faction Boss Competition

Points for Faction Boss Currency have been adjusted.

Hey Champions,

We have seen some Superstars as controversial and impactful throughout WWE history as Razor Ramon, but none as oozing machismo as him! Face him in Faction Boss Battles and earn Shards alongside other awesome Rewards!

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Machismo Faction Boss7/29 at noon PST8/1 at 10:30 am PST
Faction Boss7/29 at 6 pm PST7/31 at 4 pm PST

Faction Boss Info

Required Faction Boss Coins can be earned in Faction Boss Battles. The higher the difficulty the more Coins you will get. Remember, each Level’s Reward can be earned four times by beating the Boss with a different Style. Beating a Level earns the rewards of all Levels before it.

General Tips

  • A more offensive Boss without a shield and with a focus on raw HP, attack damage, and a Heal ability
  • Boss Breaker usage will again be important in tackling the Razor Ramon Faction Boss
    • Specifically, the Healer’s Steal Boss Breaker Ability to combat the Boss Heal Ability
  • Avoid the use of Botch Gems; in addition to being ineffective against the Boss; they will also lead to the Boss’s Debuff Boss Ability as it counts Botch Gems
  • Utilize Chaotic Superstars with Strong Finisher and/or Bleed Abilities
  • Re-Generation X will be useful against the “increase MP cost” Boss Move
  • Boss Move Turn Breakdown
    • Boss Turn 1
      • Deal Damage and Place Botch Gems on the Board
      • Deal Damage and Debuff Player Gem Damage
      • Increase Players’ Move MP Cost (Difficulty 5+)
    • Boss Turn 2
      • Deal Damage and Place Botch Gems on the Board
      • Deal Damage and Debuff Player Gem Damage
      • Boss Heals Self (Difficulty 7+)
    • Repeat Cycle

⭐⭐⭐⭐ You can redeem your earned Boss Coins in the Faction Boss Shop for Faction Boss Promoter Shards, Coins, TP, Tokens, Medals, Boss Breaker Currency, 300 Shards for BRAND-NEW Razor Ramon “Oozing Machismo”, a random Ultimate Strap, and TONS of Superstar Shards that will help you with your first 6-Star Bronze Superstar Evolution!

Please note:
If a Team member disconnects or leaves an ongoing Boss Battle, the Team won’t earn the full amount of Points for that battle.

Solo Contest

Play the Limited-Time Tour, talent up New Gen Superstars, and take advantage of Offers to progress in this Solo Contest for Razor Ramon “Oozing Machismo” Grab Bags and his NEW Red Razor Gear, along with MORE SummerSlam: Bloodline Challenge Prize Wall Medallions and Resources.

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Earn Points in the Limited-Time Tours EVERY DAY.
Spend 1 Machismo Faction Boss Loot1,100
Spend a Machismo Faction Boss Loot for the First Time on Friday11,0001
Recruit Razor Ramon “Oozing Machismo” during the First 24 Hours!250,0001
Increase Talent of any New Gen Superstar1020,000
Max Milestone3,500,000

Regular Rewards

1Machismo Premium Bag
12Machismo Basic Bags
250SummerSlam: Bloodline Challenge Prize Wall Medallions
6,350SummerSlam Classics Solo Contest Points
50Ultimate Warrior “Always Believe” Shards
325Honky Tonk Man “Mean Guitar” Evo Tokens
15-Star Emerald Token
35-Star Gold Tokens
25-Star Silver Tokens
44-Star Gold Tokens

Additional Rewards – Achieve these Milestones/Rewards exclusively by spinning the Loot

1All Heart Skill Plate
1NEW Razor Ramon “Oozing Machismo” Red Razor Gear
3Machismo Premium Bags
3SummerSlam: Bloodline Challenge Premium Prize Wall Medallions
100SummerSlam: Bloodline Challenge Prize Wall Medallions
225Ultimate Warrior “Always Believe” Shards
45-Star Emerald Tokens
35-Star Diamond Tokens
45-Star Gold Tokens
25-Star Silver Tokens
14-Star Gold Tokens

Top 200 Leaderboard rewards

1Up to a 5-Star Silver Razor Ramon “Oozing Machismo” (Top 20)
500Razor Ramon “Oozing Machismo” Shards
55-Star Emerald Tokens
3Legendary Razor Ramon Straps

Machismo Faction Boss Competition

Battle the Faction Boss and earn Boss Shop Currency for GREAT Rewards such as the Heroic Titant’s Chest Skill Plate, Machismo Grab Bags, Contest Points, Tokens, and the Scott Hall “Hall of Fame” Silver Gear, alongside his GOLD Gear for the TOP10 on the Leaderboard.

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Assemble your Faction and battle the Faction Boss together for awesome Rewards!

Earn more points in Tours and Shop Events on wwechampions.com
Earn Boss Shop Currency218
Defeat the Faction Boss on Level 101,000
Spend 1 5-Star Emerald Token100100
Max Milestone 7,000,000


4Machismo Premium Bags
7Machismo Basic Bags
1Heroic Titant’s Chest Skill Plate
1Scott Hall “Hall of Fame” Silver Gear
975,000Machismo Boss Contest Points
5,000SummerSlam Classics Solo Contest Points
4,300SummerSlam Classics Faction Competition Points
625SummerSlam: Bloodline Challenge Prize Wall Medallions
15-Star Emerald Tokens
35-Star Diamond Tokens
55-Star Gold Tokens
55-Star Silver Tokens
54-Star Gold Tokens
and more

Top 100 Leaderboard rewards

1Scott Hall “Hall of Fame” Gold Gear
1,850SummerSlam: Bloodline Challenge Prize Wall Medallions
8Machismo Premium Bags
8Machismo Basic Bags

Limited-Time Tour

Complete the Chapters in this Limited-Time Tour to earn Machismo Bags and Contest Points.

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DayChaptersContest Superstars
FridayNew GenDiesel
Razor Ramon “Bad Guy”
Razor Ramon “Oozing Machismo”
FridayOpenNew Gen (Normal)
Shawn Micheals “Rocker” (Hard)
1-2-3 Kid (Hard)
Lex Luger “Wolfpac” (Hell)
Ultimate Warrior “Always Believe” (Hell)
SaturdaynWo + OpenLex Luger “Wolfpac”
“Hollywood” Hulk Hogan
SundayLegendsHonky Tonk Man “Mean Guitar”


12Machismo Basic Bags
1,860,000Machismo Boss Solo Contest Points
75Razor Ramon “Oozing Machismo” Shards
35-Star Silver Tokens
34-Star Gold Tokens
34-Star Silver Tokens

5-Star GOLD Loot & MORE

GUARANTEED OOZING MACHISMO SHARDS WITH 40-PULLS! Get BRAND-NEW Razor Ramon “Oozing Machismo” at 5-Star GOLD, including his NEW RED GEAR and plenty of TOP Superstar Posters and Shards, such as Randy Savage “Macho King”, “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan, Boogeyman, Liv Morgan, and MORE!

Get an EXTRA Chance at a 4-Star GOLD Razor Ramon “Oozing Machismo” in our FORUM GIVEAWAY! 🎁

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