Update 8/3

Contest Superstars have been added.

Hey Champions,

Get your ventilators out! There’s a weather watch headed for WWE Champions. A Heatwave with NEW Superstars and TONS of Rewards is coming your way. 🌞🌊

BRAND-NEW Superstars, including a FREE 2-Star BRONZE POSTER

  • DAILY FREE Claims at wwechampions.com
  • Get NEW Otis “Alpha Academy” at 2-Star Bronze for FREE at the Contest start in the Shop!
    • Unlock/Fuse him at 4-Star Bronze in various Starter Packs In-game and at wwechampions.com!
  • Chase BRAND-NEW Chad Gable “Alpha Academy” throughout the Heatwave Contest! Earn him at 3-Star Gold in Milestones, or unlock him at 5-Star Bronze!
  • Required Shards and Evo Tokens can be obtained throughout this month.
  • Play Tours, Climb up Milestones and Leaderboards, and check out wwechampions.com for extra Rewards.

Please note: Screenshots taken from a test environment. Text, numbers, and dates are subject to change!

πŸ—“ Schedule

Heatwave Contest8/1 at 11:30 am PST
Kick-off Talent Up8/1 at noon PST
Kick-Off Faction Tour Competition8/1 at noon PST
Loot, Perks, and Tours8/1 at noon PST
Faction Competition8/1 at noon PST
TP Contest8/1 at noon PST
This month-long Contest ends on 9/6 at 11 am PST.

Kick-off Talent Up

Increase the Talent of your FREE Otis “Alpha Academy” to speed up your progress significantly and improve your overall Roster Talent with Tokens to win great Rewards! Including a Skill Plate Medallion, an Ultimate Strap, Evo Tokens, NEW Chad Gable “Alpha Academy” Shards, and much more!

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⭐⭐⭐⭐ Double-dip with NEW Otis “Alpha Academy” in a dedicated Talent Up Competition just for him and win even more Rewards with and for him! (see below)

Tasks (for League 7+)Points
Increase Roster Talent by 1900
Increase the Talent of Otis “Alpha Academy” by 11,800
Evolve, enhance or fuse up a Superstar with 2-Stars108,000
Evolve, enhance or fuse up a Superstar with 3-Stars360,000
Evolve, Enhance or fuse up a Superstar with 4-Stars720,000
Evolve, Enhance or fuse up a Superstar with 5-Stars1,080,000
Spend a 2-Star Silver Token48,600
Spend a 2-Star Gold Token108,000
Spend a 3-Star Silver Token108,000
Spend a 3-Star Gold Token259,200
Spend a 4-Star Silver Token202,500
Spend a 4-Star Gold Token270,000
Spend a 5-Star Gold Token275,400
Spend a 5-Star Silver Token486,000
Spend a 5-Star Diamond Token405,000
Spend a 5-Star Emerald Token499,500
Spend a 6-Star Bronze Token675,000
Spend a 2-Star Hall of Fame Token70,200
Spend a 3-Star Hall of Fame Token129,600
Spend a 4-Star Hall of Fame Token 540,000
Spend a 5-Star Hall of Fame Token1,123,200
Spend a Coin (max 75,000,000)1
Top Milestone187,000,000

Bring up your NEW Otis “Alpha Academy”, which will boost you in this Talent Up. Do it with Tokens or take a convenient shortcut with our Starter Packs in the Store.


1Random Ultimate Strap
1Skill Plate Medallion
13,620Heatwave Solo Contest Points
1Legendary Otis Strap with 20% Gem Damage
1Random Legendary Strap with High Bonus Chance
30,400Strap Parts
70,000Medal Bits
50Otis “Alpha Academy” Evo Tokens
400Chad Gable “Alpha Academy” Shards
5,439Heatwave Faction Feud Perks
and much more!

TOP 250 Leaderboard rewards:

1Up to a 4-Star Gold Randy Savage “Macho King”
8Random Tier 4 Medals
1Legendary Strap with 20% Gem Damage

Otis “Alpha Academy” Talent Up Competition

Talent Up Otis “Alpha Academy” for up to 9,700 Solo Points, Chad Gable “Alpha Academy” Shards, and other great Rewards!

Increase Talent of Otis “Alpha Academy”10
Collect Otis “Alpha Academy” Evo Tokens15
Earn more points by completing his Limited-Time Tour!
Max Milestone200,000


9Heatwave Safes
9,700Heatwave Solo Contest Points
1Random Legendary Otis “Alpha Academy” Strap
1Epic Strap
9Epic Tier 4 Medals
10Random Tier 4 Medals

Top 100 Leaderboard Rewards

300Chad Gable “Alpha Academy” Shards
5Random Legendary Straps

Heatwave Solo Contest

Earn Contest Points directly in Tours, Blitzes, and Competitions. Use Contest Superstars in certain matches for EXTRA Points and Rewards!

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Complete the following Heatwave tasks for additional points:

Succeed in various Competitions and Tours throughout this month to collect Contest Points.
Spend Heatwave Universal Turnbuckles1
Max Milestone500,000
New Tasks will be unlocked throughout the Contest and new competitions, so come back daily to check them out!

A handful of Superstars will be used as Contest Superstars during the whole Heatwave Contest. Those Superstars will be reused throughout the month and come with strong monthlong Boosts!

Contest SuperstarsMonthlong Boost
Otis “Alpha Academy”+2 all MP
+50% all Gem dmg
+50% Red Gem dmg
Sgt. Slaughter “Sarge”+4 Blast Gems
Dusty Rhodes “The American Dream”+4 Yellow Gems
Lex Luger “American Original”+4 Botch Gems
Lacey Evans “The Womens Right”+100% Heal Gem Strength
Finn Balor “BΓ‘lor Club”+4 Black Gems
VIP Stable+10% all gem dmg


Collect resources in Milestone Rewards, along with Heatwave Prize Wall Coins which you can redeem on the Heatwave Prize Wall! (More info on this is below in this post)

5Champion League Bags
7Top League Bags
5High League Bags
8Mid League Bags
85-Star Gold Tokens
135-Star Diamond Tokens
11,160Heatwave Prize Wall Coins
9,765Heatwave Universal Turnbuckles
255Heatwave Tour Turnbuckles
16,315Heatwave Faction Feud Turnbuckles
10Random Epic Straps

League Bonus Rewards:

13-Star Gold Chad Gable “Alpha Academy”
1Legendary Chad Gable “Alpha Academy” Extra Turn Strap
14-Star Bronze Rocky Johnson “Soulman”
13-Star Gold Randy Savage “Macho Man”
13-Star Silver RVD “Mr. PVP”
League Bonuses depend on the League you are in. Lower League Bonuses won’t be available for higher Leagues, they have their own League Bonuses.

TOP 100 Leaderboard Rewards

85-Star Emerald Tokens
1Champion League Bag
5,000Blitz Tickets
(Example: League 16+)

Otis “Alpha Academy” Evolution Tokens How-To

  • You will find very valuable Otis “Alpha Academy” Evolution Tokens in various places throughout the Contest including Tours, Coin & Evolution Contests, TP Contests, and MORE!
  • Those can be used to evolve and enhance Otis “Alpha Academy” during this Monthly Contest.
  • If you want to be ahead, purchase more Evolution Tokens in the Shop, but there will be enough for FREE to bring him up to 4-Star Silver in the end if you play all competitions. If you get him in Loot consider bringing him up higher with all your tokens!

Collecting Evo Tokens will grant you points for the Otis “Alpha Academy” Talent Up Competition! So, even if you don’t need them anymore, keep collecting!

Here is an Evolution Chart so you know how many Tokens are needed:

Evo To:Token Cost
5-Star Silver5000
5-Star Bronze3000
4-Star Gold700
4-Star Silver575
4-Star Bronze500
3-Star Gold400
3-Star Silver350
3-Star Bronze300
2-Star Gold200
2-Star Silver150

His Evolution Tokens will change back to regular ones after the Contest is over, which means regular Tokens will be required again.

Faction Competition and Kick Off Tour

Collect Heatwave Faction Points by playing Limited-Time Tours and completing additional Competition Tasks or Contests, such as the Kick-Off Faction Tour Competition!

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Tip: You will find this Faction Competition under the “Competition” Tab in the Solo Contest Overview.

Faction Competition TasksPoints
Obtain 1 Heatwave Key2
Earn Points in Limited-Time Tours, the Otis “Alpha Academy” Tour, and Kickoff Tour Competition!
Max Milestone80,000,000
New Tasks will be unlocked throughout the Contest and new competitions.


54,430Heatwave Solo Contest Points
65-Star Diamond Tokens
1,095Heatwave Prize Wall Coins
1Skill Plate Medallion
155-Star Gold Tokens
1Tier 4 Medals (Slots 1-4)
400Otis “Alpha Academy” Evo Tokens
9,775Heatwave Universal Turnbuckles
5,440Heatwave Faction Feud Turnbuckles
and more!

Leaderboard rewards

4,000Heatwave Prize Wall Coins
55-Star Diamond Tokens
55-Star Gold Tokens
20,000Heatwave Solo Contest Points

The Kickoff-Faction Tour Competition in Week 1 lets you play special Tours with rarity requirements. Play these Tours with and for your Faction and earn Heatwave Keys in Loot Boxes and get a Jump Start in the Heatwave Contest!

Limited-Time Tours

Play the Limited-Time Tours for Heatwave Bags, Contest Points, and MORE! NEW weekly Challenges will make you sweat for more Rewards!

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Regular Tours

ChaptersStart (noon PST)End (9 am PST)
Men’s Division (1) – ENDS FRIDAY2022-08-012022-08-05
VIP Stable2022-08-022022-09-06
Legends Era2022-08-042022-09-06
Men’s Division (2) – ENDS FRIDAY2022-08-082022-09-06
Men’s Divison (3)2022-08-112022-09-06
Men’s Division (4) – ENDS FRIDAY2022-08-152022-08-19
New Gen2022-08-182022-09-06
Women’s Division (1) – ENDS FRIDAY2022-08-222022-08-26
Women’s Modern Era2022-08-232022-09-06
Women’s Division (2)2022-08-252022-09-06
Men’s Division (5) – ENDS FRIDAY2022-08-292022-09-02
Modern Era2022-09-012022-09-06

Regular Rewards

Heatwave Solo Contest Points
Heatwave Faction Competition Points
Otis “Alpha Academy” Evo Tokens
Chad Gable “Alpha Academy” Shards and Bags
Heatwave Blitz Turnbuckles
Heatwave Feud Turnbuckles
Heatwave Keys
Token Bags
Heatwave Prize Wall Coins
5-Star Diamond Tokens

Otis “Alpha Academy” Tour

Talent Up your FREE Otis “Alpha Academy” and play his Limited-Time Tour throughout this monthlong Contest. The higher you push him the more Rewards you can earn in his Tour. Earn up to 50,000 Heatwave Keys, 150 Chad Gable “Alpha Academy” Shards, 9,600 Solo Contest Points, and much more!

Ultimate Warrior “Always Believe” Tour

If you managed to get the Chase Superstar in our SummerSlam Classics then you can enjoy additional Rewards in a special Limited-Time Tour. Earn Resources, Keys, Chad Gable “Alpha Academy” Shards, and more!

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Heatwave Prize Wall

Earn Prize Wall Medallions and get even more Rewards in the Heatwave Prize Wall, including Shards for BRAND-NEW Chad Gable “Alpha Academy”, Coins, TP, Tokens, Heatwave Turnbuckles, and much MORE!

Heatwave Loot and Offers

Get a chance at BRAND-NEW Otis “Alpha Academy” at 5-Star Gold, along with Snoop Dogg “Longbeach 93”, “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan plus many other COOL Superstars to help you with this Heatwave.

Spend your earned Heatwave Keys for an Otis “Alpha Academy” at 4-Star GOLD, Lacey Evans “Sassy Southern Belle”, “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan, Chad Gable “Alpha Academy” Shards, and all the essential Contest Superstars, that will help you to progress this month.

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Get your Backstage Pass and FREEBIES!

Take advantage of the Backstage Pass and benefit from weekly FREE Grab Bags that can help speed up your month-long progress.

Keep an eye out for refreshing Give-a-waves on mobile and at wwechampions.com

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