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It’s gettin’ hot in here! Beat the Heat with your Faction in various ways and earn a 6-Star Token for all Faction members! An additional 6-Star Token can be found in the Leaderboard.

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Beat the Heat8/3 at noon PST8/5 at noon PST
Gauntlet Blitz8/3 at noon PST8/5 at noon PST

Faction Contest

To get started, CLAIM your first Blitz Ticket for Coins in the Shop and PLAY the Beat the Heat Blitz to progress in the Contest. Use the Tickets if you have the required Superstars or exchange your Tickets for Points, in case you can’t beat the heat!

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Each Milestone gives everyone in your faction a NEW Blitz Ticket and a 6-Star Bronze Token as TOP REWARD!

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Defeat The Boss of the Beat The Heat Blitz10,000
Spend 1 Beat the Heat Loot Coin750
Max Milestone1,150,000


16-Star Bronze Token
12,000Heatwave Keys
4Beat The Heat Faction Blitz Tickets
85-Star Emerald Tokens
55-Star Diamond Tokens
125-Star Gold Tokens
45-Star Silver Tokens
44-Star Gold Tokens
44-Star Silver Tokens

Top 200 Leaderboard rewards

16-Star Bronze Token
185-Star Emerald Tokens

Beat the Heat Blitz

Beat the Heat (Blitz) with required Superstars to earn Resources and progress in the Faction Contest. The more Faction Members defeat the Boss, the more Points your Faction can earn.

5-Star GOLD Loot & MORE

To beat the heat (Blitz) you need the required Superstars. Spinning this Loot will get you a chance at them and helps you to progress in the Faction Contest.

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