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Play this Victory Midweek Contest with previous monthlong Chases and earn 6-Star Bronze Tokens, TIER B Shard Bags, and MORE! Complete the Limited-Time Tour to collect enough Through the Eras Medallions for a 6-Star Bronze Token!

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Through the Eras8/24 at noon PST8/26 at noon PST
Showdown (M/F)8/24 at noon PST8/26 at noon PST

Solo Contest

Play the Limited-Time Tour and succeed in Showdown Matches with selected Superstars to earn Through The Eras Grab Bags and 6-Star Bronze Tokens!

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Claim up to 200,000 FREE Contest points in the Shop
Spend 1 Through the Eras Loot Coin60,000
Win Showdown with Any Attitude Era20,00025
Win Showdown with Any Legends Era20,00025
Win Showdown with Any Modern Era20,00025
Win Showdown with Any New Gen Era20,00025
Win Showdown with Any Reality Era20,00025
Win Showdown with Any PG Era20,00025
Win Showdown with Any RA Era20,00025
Win Showdown with Any Hall of Fame Era20,00025
Max Milestone18,000,000

Regular Rewards

8Through The Eras Contest Bags
25-Star Gold Tokens
25-Star Silver Tokens
44-Star Gold Tokens
44-Star Silver Tokens
23-Star Gold Tokens
33-Star Silver Tokens
37,500Heatwave Faction Competition Points
30,000Heatwave Solo Contest Points

Additional Rewards – Achieve these Milestones/Rewards exclusively by spinning the Loot

46-Star Bronze Tokens
20Through the Eras Tier B Shard Bags
5Through the Eras Contest Bags
50Chad Gable “Alpha Academy” Shards

Top 200 Leaderboard rewards

46-Star Bronze Token Medallions
5Legendary Straps with Guaranteed Bonus
2Legendary Straps with High Bonus Chance
105-Star Emerald Tokens

Limited-Time Tour

Earn 900,000 Through the Eras Solo Points alongside Through the Eras Medallions in this Limited-Time Tour.

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DayChaptersContest Superstars
WednesdayChapter 1 – Through the ErasBooker T “King Booker” (Normal)
Sami Zayn “Conspiracy” (Hard)
Dusty Rhodes “Hall of Fame” (Hell)
ThursdayChapter 2 – Through the ErasMontez Ford “We Want the Smoke” (Normal)
Alundra Blayze (Hard)
Kevin Owens “Relentless” (Hell)


6Through the Eras Medallions
900,000Through the Eras Solo Points

Prize Wall

Collect and redeem all 6 Through the Eras Medallions for a 6-Star Bronze Token or plenty of TIER B Shards to evolve the Contest Superstars to 6-Star!

Please note:
Items and numbers are subject to change!

Loot (From 3-Star Gold up to 5-Star GOLD)

Here is your chance to get previous monthlong Superstars and Contest Superstars at 5-Star GOLD, such as Alundra Blayze, Dusty Rhodes “Hall of Fame”, King Booker, and MORE! Posters can range from 3-Star Gold to 5-Star Gold, don’t miss out!

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