Hey Champions,

WWE History has never been so present than with the latest R57 Update. Wallow in the past with ALL-NEW Moments, unlock additional Effects for your Superstars and participate in NEW Fan Votings at wwechampions.com for future benefits and improvements in WWE Champions!

We plan to roll out the latest update for WWE Champions to all major platforms this week. Once the update is available for your device, you will see it in your favorite Appstore. (A few players might already see it)



  • Resemble iconic Moments in WWE History that unlock additional Stats and Boosts for your Superstars if you fulfill the requirements.
  • They will be available at League 4+ in your Roster and can have two statuses
    • Locked – Must acquire the necessary “Moment Tokens” to unlock the Moment.
    • Unlocked – Does not require any “Moment Tokens”. Must meet the Superstar min requirements for the Moment to be activated and to earn boosts for those Superstars.

The Info Tab shows you the associated Superstars needed to activate the Moment. You will need to meet the Superstar min requirements.

  • All Boosts for the Superstars you own will be listed here.
  • Boosts can either affect all game modes or a specific one. (more info in the post below)
  • The Tier will be based on the number of Minimum Superstars required to unlock the Moment.
    • Tiers cans range from Tier C up to Tier S+.
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New Currencies

Moment Coins
Used to level up Moments – increase Boost level for the associated Superstars. There will be different ways to obtain Moment Coins regularly.

Moment Tokens
Used to unlock certain Moments. These tokens will be unique to each Moment. Excess Tokens will be converted into Moment Coins. These will be distributed in Events and Offers.

Leveling Up

  • Moments can be leveled up using a combination of Superstar Shards (from a list of associated Superstars) and Moment Coins
  • The Moment level amplifies the Boost(s). The higher the level, the higher the Boost values. 
  • Max level up depends on its Star rarity.
    • The level-up cost will differ based on the Tier of the Moment (i.e. Tier S+ Moments will require more Moment Coins/Shards to level up)


  • Moments can be evolved by raising the rarity of your Superstars by the min Superstars requirement amount.
    • The rarity corresponds to the rarity of the associated Superstars. I.e., if the Moment is at 5-Star, it requires at least 5-Star BRONZE Superstars
  • More Examples: 
    • You have a Tier S+ Moment that requires a minimum of 6 Superstars to activate
    • Those 6 Superstars have the following rarities: 3SG, 4SB, 4SS, 4SS, 4SG, 4SG
    • This associated Moment will be 3-Star since the lowest Star level is 3SG. All of the Superstars (min req) must be at least 4-Star Bronze to evolve the moment to 4-Star
  • Evolving a Moment will increase its level cap, so keep leveling up Moments to increase the boost level

How do the Boosts work?

  • Boosts only affect the Superstars that are required for that Moment
    • A particular Superstar may be a part of more than one Moment, and that specific Superstar can get boosted by more than one Moment.
  • To unlock/activate a Moment boost(s), you must fulfill the Superstar requirements. The minimum requirement will only help activate the Moment.
    • E.g. a Moment has 6 Superstars mentioned, but it requires a minimum of 3 to activate the Moment.
  • These Boosts will have a mix of Flat and Percentage values, which will scale up depending on the Moment level.
Boosts are from a Test environment and can differ in the final Release Version.
  • They affect all kinds of stats, including in-game stats, increasing Points in Contests, etc.
    • E.g. 
      • 10% more Red Gem Dmg 
      • 5% increase in Feud Warscore 
      • 10% more HP
      • 3% increase in Crit Rate


Champions, the ring is yours! Your voice and opinion matter to us and will improve WWE Champions even more. With the NEW Fan Voting on wwechampions.com, you can directly impact the game’s development. Occasionally, we will let you decide and vote on upcoming Events and Game Elements to provide you with the best experience in the game.

The first Voting starts later TODAY and is all about the BRAND-NEW Moments in WWE Champions!

Vote for selected iconic Moments and get the required Moment Tokens for the Winner Moment for FREE once the ALL-NEW Moments are available in WWE Champions. With Moments you go on a ride through the WWE History and unlock additional Effects for your Superstars!

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Bug Changelog

Please bear in mind that if an issue is not listed here, it will not be included in the update and, therefore, will take some more time to be fixed.

  • Faction Boss – Sometimes, the host could not start the lobby due to an Error Popup that appeared.
  • Faction Boss – The game froze after the Boss used the Freeze Move.
  • Faction Boss – The second lobby created by the same host as the previous lobby could not start after all members hard-quit from the first battle.
  • Some “secondary effect” Move values were reduced at 6-Star Bronze.
  • Tier A is always displayed under the first Superstar slot when trying to replace a Superstar in the Tag Team pre-match screen.
  • Superstars set in the Faction Feud lineup could also be used in Blitz.
  • The next step offer didn’t appear immediately after purchasing the previous one.
  • Sometimes, the game got stuck on the Home screen after starting the game.
  • In the Player Profile popup, an error screen appeared when tapping on the strongest Superstar of a non-faction player.

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