Hey Champions,

Focus on MORE in-game and spend less time on recurring activities with our latest feature Release; highly requested Autoplay and Speed Up are here!

We plan to roll out the latest update for WWE Champions to all major platforms this week. Once the update is available for your device, you will see it in your favorite Appstore. (A few players might already see it).

ALL-NEW AUTOPLAY (available at League 10+)

  • Autoplay is a new feature in selected Game Modes that lets the AI crush gems for you!
  • The AI matches Gems and uses respective Moves to progress in a match.
  • This means you can decide if you want the AI to play for you whenever you want just by tapping on the new “AUTO” button at any point during a match. Subsequent matches will take the setting that was last used.
  • With Autoplay on, you can sit and watch, but you can’t swipe or make any moves manually until you toggle it off again.

SPEED UP ANIMATIONS (available at League 7+)

Speed Up is a new feature to help you complete a match faster!

  • The default speed will be 1x. Turn it up by tapping on the new Speed Up button
  • The Speed Up setting will be saved globally per Game Modes that support the Speed Up feature, which will always use the setting from the previous battle.
  • Available Speed Levels:
    • Normal animation speed (1x).
    • Speed Up animation by 1.25 times (x1.25).
    • Speed Up animation by two times (x2.0). (Can be unlocked in various ways throughout the Game and Shop)
  • Speed Up settings that are carried over will also have different values depending on the current Game Mode’s speed limit.
    • Example: Game Mode A has a limit of 2.0, but Game Mode B is only 1.25. That means it can’t go higher than that.
  • Speed Up will affect the following animations from you and your opponent:
    • Entrance animations
    • Move animations
    • Move effects
    • Gem swipes
    • Gem selection and modifications
    • Gem destroyed & combos
    • Idle animation
    • Any combat text animation
    • Pin countdown
    • Loot gems bonus allocation and destroy
    • Victory animations

Bug Changelog

Please bear in mind that if an issue is not listed here, it will not be included in the update and, therefore, will take some more time to be fixed.

  • Bobby Lashley’s Submission Move no longer benefits the opponent
  • If two Faction Members tap on the same opponent simultaneously in Faction Feud, a warning should appear that the opponent has already claimed.
  • The move damage boost for the Faction Boss should not buff the Submission Move.

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