Hey Champions,

This disgusting rotten smell of AWESOME Rewards makes you want to hand over your brain to the Undead Army that is currently invading WWE Champions.

🧠🎁 Just Another no-brainer to join the DAILY Showdown Tournaments and earn up to 35x 6-Star Bronze Tokens throughout the Contest, alongside more inhuman Rewards on the Prizewall!

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Rotten Revenge10/24 at noon PST10/28 at noon PST
Showdown Tournament (F/M)10/24 at noon PST10/25 at noon PST
Showdown Tournament (M/F)10/25 at noon PST10/26 at noon PST
Showdown Tournament (F/M)10/26 at noon PST10/27 at noon PST
Showdown Tournament (M/F)10/27 at noon PST10/28 at noon PST

Solo Contest

Play daily NEW Showdown Tournaments and Limited-Time Tours to progress in this weeklong Contest. Utilize your Rotten Roster and Offers on wwechampions.com to reach the Top of the Milestones!

⭐⭐⭐⭐ The Community has spoken, and the result of our recent Fan Voting on wwechampions.com was clear. Enjoy chasing the Final Face of Foley Skill Plate as the TOP FREE Milestone Reward!

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Earn Points every day in new Rotten Revenge Tours during this Contest!
Earn Points in daily Showdown Tournaments!
Claim Free Contest Points EVERY DAY on wwechampions.com!
Spend 1 Rotten Revenge Loot Coin2,000
Earn Showdown Coins33
Max Milestone8,500,000

Regular Rewards

1Final Face of Foley Skill Plate
56Dominik Mysterio “Unfortunate Son” Evo Tokens
18,324Undead Uprising Solo Points
22,500Undead Uprising Faction Points
20,000Undead Uprising Keys

Additional Rewards – Achieve these Milestones/Rewards exclusively by spinning the Loot

250“The Unmortal” Hulk Hogan Shards
15,000Rotten Revenge Prizewall Medallions
1The Princess’s Flaming Glove Skill Plate
316-Star Bronze Tokens
385-Star Emerald Tokens
375-Star Diamond Tokens
655-Star Gold Tokens
304-Star Gold Tokens

Top 500 Leaderboard rewards

10,000Rotten Revenge Prizewall Medallions

Faction Contest

Earn Rotten Pumpkins in Limited-Time Tours and Talent Up your Superstars for Undead Uprising Points, The Rock “The Peoples’ Chomp” Shards, and an Ultimate Opportuni-Z Skill Plate for your whole Faction.

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Collect Rotten Pumpkins2,000
Evo or Enhance a 3-Star200
Evo or Enhance a 4-Star1,000
Evo or Enhance a 5-Star7,500
Level Up a 6-Star Superstar with Coins10,000
Max Milestone10,000,000


1Ultimate Opportuni-Z Skill Plate
300The Rock “The Peoples’ Chomp” Shards
12,250Undead Uprising Solo Points
15,000Undead Uprising Faction Points
225Undead Uprising Prize Wall Coins

Top 100 Leaderboard rewards

1Bianca’s Braid Blade Skill Plate
3Ultimate Zombie Straps with Guaranteed Bonus
2Legendary Zombie Straps with Guaranteed Bonus
2Legendary Zombie Straps for Women’s Division
155-Star Gold Tokens
2,000Rey Mysterio “Mascara de la Muerte” Shards

Limited-Time Tours

Complete the new Chapters in this Limited-Time Tour to earn tons of Tokens, Rotten Revenge Solo Points, and Pumpkins that will help you progress in the Solo and Faction Contest.

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DayChaptersContest Superstars
MondayRest in Pieces (Zombies)Any Trickster
Bianca Belair “EST in Peace” (Hell)
MondayNightmare (Zombies)Any Powerhouse
Rhea Ripley “Recurring Nightmare” (Hell)
TuesdayUnmortal (Zombies)Any Acrobat
“The Unmortal” Hulk Hogan (Hell)
Randy Orton “Undead Predator” (Hell)
TuesdaySkull King (Zombies)Any Acrobat
Any Striker
Triple H “Skull King” (Hell)
Undertaker “Dead Man Walking” (Hell)
WednesdayIt Came From The Boiler Room (Zombies)Any Trickster
Mankind “It Came From The Boiler Room” (Hell)
Ricky “The Eternal Dragon” Steamboat (Hell)
WednesdayEmpress of Yesterday (Zombies)Any Striker
ThursdayRated Z (Zombies)Any Technician
ThursdayThe All Bitey (Zombies)Any Showboat


2,360,000Rotten Revenge Solo Points
24Rotten Pumpkins
46-Star Bronze Tokens
175-Star Emerald Tokens
245-Star Diamond Tokens
245-Star Gold Tokens
454-Star Gold Tokens

Rotten Prize Wall

Collect enough Medallions throughout the Contest and redeem them for absolutely rotten Rewards! Ewwww, 5-Star Bronze Poster of moldy Zombies, Shards for scuffed wannabe Livings, Gears, and Especially Rotten Pumpkins!

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Please note:
Test Environment! Items and costs are subject to change!

5-Star Bronze Posters
Randy Orton “Undead Predator”
Bianca Belair “EST in Peace”
Ricky “The Eternal Dragon” Steamboat
Undertaker “Dead Man Walking”
Edge “Rated-Z”
Mankind “It Came From the Boiler Room”
Roman Reigns “This is my Graveyard”
Asuka “Empress of Yesterday”
The Rock “People’s Chomp”
Kane “Big Dead Machine”
Triple H “Skull King” Spring Outbreak
Rhea Ripley “Recurring Nightmare” Spring Outbreak
Stone Cold Steve Austin “Texas Revenant” Spring Outbreak
Edge “Rated-Z” Spring Outbreak
Especially Rotten Pumpkins
Legendary Zombie Straps

5-Star GOLD Loot

Get a chance at 4-Star Gold Poster or higher with every MAX PULL! Win TOP Zombie Superstars and their Shards, alongside Rotten Revenge Contest Points with every Pull you do!

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